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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 2.1.0 Is Now Available

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch has nearly been out a month now and like all modern consoles, it will be getting its fair share of firmware updates. There are many features that gamers have been waiting for with the Nintendo Switch, but the latest update that has just arrived is not going to be providing any of those.

As of right now, Nintendo has rolled out the latest firmware for the Nintendo Switch, which is specifically known as firmware update 2.1.0.

The first firmware update that was released for the Nintendo Switch came on day one and is known as 2.0.0. That update activated the eShop and pretty much anything related to online on the system, as well as some other little changes.

However, firmware update 2.1.0 doesn’t add anything like that, or really anything at all. According to the official Nintendo website, firmware update 2.1.0 simply adjusts “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

This description is very vague, though it sounds like it was more like the majority of updates we get on consoles and handhelds that focus on little stability improvements behind the scenes.

The big question is when will Nintendo be introducing more prominent firmware updates that give people more of the features they want. Patches like these often help to set the stage for future updates of larger scale, so hopefully that is the case. If not sooner, I’d imagine we could see an announcement of that at E3, especially with Reggie stating they have big E3 plans.

There are also some early bugs that we’re hoping Nintendo fixes sooner rather than later, such as the dock activating at times when the system it docked and thus causing some TVs that auto switch inputs to change. This is more of a feature, as it’s made to do this when you dock the system, but it definitely is causing some hassle for some people.

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