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Nintendo Switch System Firmware Update 2.2.0 Is Now Live

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch has been available for about a month and a half now and not too much has changed with the system since launch day. We received the new system firmware 2.0.0 on that day and then got the behind the scenes only 2.1.0 a couple weeks ago, and now the latest one is here with system update 2.2.0.

The Nintendo Switch definitely launched without a number of key features that people are hoping to see added in the future, such as adding a browser, Netflix, and more. However, it appears Nintendo is focusing on the system itself for the time being.

Starting tonight, system update 2.2.0 is now available to download for the Nintendo Switch, which your system should automatically download and install if it’s connected to the internet in standby. However, you can always download it manually as well.

Just like system update 2.1.0, the listing on the official Nintendo website has revealed that system update 2.2.0 is simply another stability update, rather than adding any new features. Specifically, the update is listed as being for “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.”

Just the other day, we told you that Nintendo had planned maintenance on the Nintendo Switch servers on Monday and Wednesday of this coming week, so you have to wonder if it’s possible this update may be helping to prep for that a bit. We’ve seen that plenty with PlayStation 4 having a small stability update before server maintenance, so it’s very possible.

One has to wonder when Nintendo may release the first major update for the Nintendo Switch, as so far they haven’t announced officially any upcoming features being added. The safe bet would be around E3, as they could announce the new features during their presentation, if they have one, and then release it not too long after.

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