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Unity 5.6 Is Now Available And Includes Support For Nintendo Switch

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch is the latest video game system on the market and with that has come many questions about what games will be coming out for the system. Nintendo has struggled for years with third party support, but we’ve heard previously that the Switch is very easy to develop for and some new news definitely should help with that.

There are many different game engines out there for a developer to choose from, with some obviously working better on certain consoles than others. One of those in particular is the Unity Engine, which was first revealed back in 2005.

Unity has gone through many different versions since its original release and now the latest has arrived, with it confirming support for the Nintendo Switch, as well as mention of two releases for the Switch already that were done with Unity.

Update 5.6 for Unity is here and with it are many changes and addition that will be helpful on the developer side, which has been fleshed out in detail on the official Unity blog.

“With the option to play docked console-style or handheld on-the-go, the Nintendo Switch offers a new opportunity for creators to think a bit differently about their games. Several Unity titles like Super Bomberman and Snipperclips presented at GDC on Unity booth have been released already. We are happy to announce that support for Nintendo Switch is now available (note that current support is based on Unity 5.5, Unity 5.6 support will be available during the 5.6.x cycle).”

This is definitely good news that Unity has native Nintendo Switch support now, which means it should help even more developers with making games for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo will really need to get some strong third party support and having this be much easier could be very helpful towards making that happen.

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