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Destiny: Rise Of Iron Guide – Dead Ghost Locations For All Crucible Maps

by Anthony Decicco


Destiny fans will have their hands full with Rise Of Iron over the next few days, but lets not forget the patch that released a little while ago that allowed fans to start finding dead ghosts in all the Crucible maps. If you are a perfectionist, you may want to grab a friend and start looking for them with our guide.

You can grab these dead ghosts with a friend or solo, but it is best done in a private match so you know, you don’t get shot in the face while you look around like a crazy person. Also, we would like to note that this guide follows a map set up in Control Point so we lead you to a point and tell you where about the dead ghost is in relation to the nearest point.


From C, go behind/to the left of the truck and behind the crates. It is leaning against them in the corner.


Run from the start to C, once you are entering to go inside the room and C is on your right, immedately look left. You should see the faint glow of a ghost in the bushes in the corner.


Banner Fall
Okay this one can get a bit confusing if you don’t know exactly where it is located. From B, jump on the platforms that lead away from it and you will end up at the image below.


From the the location pictured turn and the ghost should be on a table inside.


Get to C and look left, you should be facing a rock wall and a tall dead tree as seen below.


Walk towards the tree and past it. Look down, it should be in a little crevace on the ground by the rock wall.


Black Shield

From point B, go right and there should be a tunnel (pictured).


As you enter the tunnel turn right and it will be against the wall.


Blind Watch
From A, jump the ledge and follow the path that wraps around to the right and go down some stairs and to your left. It should be on the ground.


Burning Shrine
This one can be a pain as it is on the borderline of the map and you will literally have four seconds to grab it once you find it. From B and the image below, walk straight.


You will arrive at the image pictured below, look left behind the bigger rock and voila.


Cathedral Of Dusk
Find and face the wall behind B, then run around to the right to get to the other side of said wall.


There should be a giant stone tablet with a circle, face it and turn around staring at where the secondary ammo will spawn. To the right of that in the little corner is the ghost.


The Cauldron
Real easy one here, go by B, to the right of it almost under it in the corner.


Another, not so hard one. Right by B, next to the teleporter pictured in the corner.


The Drifter
Directly to the left of B, near the ledge.


The Dungeons
Between points A & B there is a pilliar, stand on the pillar and look at B. Spin the camera in a clockwise motion (turning right) and you will land your sights on another ghost.


Exodus Blue
From point A, you will take the left path and find the building below.


Go inside the doors shown and the ghost will be around the corner to your immediate right.


Firebase Delphi
From C, go inside the main building and up the incline and to the room on the right. The ghost is hiding behind some rubble.


First Light
From C, face point A and exist the building and walk towards it following the path up the rock, not down. When you are about 104 meters away from A, look left behind some crates. There is your ghost.


This one is kind of tricky only because it is in the middle of nowhere. Find the spot in the picture below, it is located on top of a rock which is directly between A and C. It will be about 60 or so meters from each, so it is near dead center between them.


Once there, look towards A. You see that suspicous looking bush?


Yeah, that one. The dead ghost is hiding in there.


From A, run down the street pictured below until you hit a red van.


Turn right and into the small room with the secondary ammo spawn and there is your ghost in the corner.


From A, look out onto the abyss and follow the path left. From there you will see the path below.


Follow it to the end until there is no more path, but a ghost at the end.


Rusted Lands
Right behind point B, there is a destroyed wall bordering the map. The little stone I am pointing at in the picture above is key, as the ghost is on the other side of that exact point. Be quick, as you will again, have 4 seconds to grab it.


Sector 618
From B, jump to the center platform which is basically the middle of the entire map. Right there on the ground.


Shores Of Time
In the middle of the map, stare at the wall pictured below.


It is directly behind the smaller rock leaning against it.


In the middle of the map where the downed airplane is. It is located to the left of the entrance of the tail end of the airplane in some grass.


Thieves’ Den
From point A, stand the in the circle as if to capture it. Face B, then turn around and it is against a large rock pillar in the cave.


The Timekeeper
This one is located near A on a step like structure, simply jump on over. Once there the ghost is right at your feet.


Twilight Gap
From C walked towards A, like the image below.


After the second door you should run into the Ghost siting among some crates.


From B, when facing the giant portal turn right and go through the arch and down the stairs. Turn right immediately and it will be laying in the corner.


Widow’s Court
Outside the cathedral that houses C, you will see the broken down building below.


Jump to the little area on the second floor and you will find the final dead ghost.

There you go, all of the dead ghosts that can be found among the Crucible maps. Stay tuned for more guides and coverage of Destiny: Rise Of Iron.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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