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Final Fantasy XIV Garuda Extreme Guide

by William Schwartz


Players who have been having a hard time with this Final Fantasy XIV Primal have come to the right place. Final Fantasy XIV’s Garuda Extreme has a total of three phases.

Phase One:

Shortly into the fight Garuda will put a vortex around the outside of the area that leaves the inside of the circle the only safe location. Make sure that you and your party stays in the middle to prevent taking any damage. The main tank should grab Garuda’s attention and have her stay between the two top pillars while the DPS attack. Shortly into the fight Garuda will leap to the and do an all new attack called feather rain. This attack will hit fast so in order to avoid it make sure you get away from her as soon as she jumps into the air. Even though the attack doesn’t hit incredibly hard it does have a damage over time effect which is called wind burn. This effect can be stacked which can easily turn the tide of battle if you and your party are not careful. Healers should cast ensuna on anyone that is effected with wind burn so they can get rid of it as soon as possible. Once Garuda lands she will cast Mistral Song. Just like the previous encounters with Garuda, make sure you are positioned behind the pillars when she does this attack to avoid the damage.

Garuda will then summon a swarm of Razor Plumes and one satin plume. Everyone should focus on the Satin Plume first before attacking the other Plumes. If you don’t take down the Satin Plum right away it will explode and put the entire party to sleep. It is also very important to take out all the Razor Plumes since they can easily wipe out a stone pillar if you’re not careful. No stone pillars equals a wipe, so keep that in mind. As this rotation continues Garuda will land around the outside area in a clockwise formation every time she jumps and lands to do her Mistral Song. This rotation will stay the same until she reaches about 75% health. As long as you have a decent group your party shouldn’t even see Mistral Song a second time.

Phase Two:

During this phase Garuda will summon two clones; Chirada and Suparna. Garuda will have the ability Wicked Wheel while both of these clones are alive so the faster you get rid of them the better. First thing you want to do is separate Chirada and Suparna quickly. The closer they are together the harder it’ll be to take them out as they can buff each other which will raise their overall magic and physical defense. This ability can stack if you don’t separate them but ill go away once you finally get them away from each other. The main tank should keep Garuda and Suparma pulled while the other tank pulls Chirada to point “C”. From there take out Chirada then focus on getting Suparna out of the picture. Once you take care of both of them focus your attention on Garuda. She will jump back into the air to unleash Feather Rain, when she lands she will use Aerial Wind. If you don’t take care of them fast enough your party will be wiped when Garuda does Aerial Wind. This signifies the end of phase two.

Phase Three:

Now you are on the final phase for this primal. Garuda will once again activate the giant vortex around the outside of the area leaving only the center safe. Razor Plumes will also make their appearance at the start of this fight. The Spiny Plume is now introduced and is the key to surviving what is about to happen. The Spiny Plume has two purposes, it can cast a de-buff that stacks on it’s target. This ability is called Thermal Low and when it stacks up to three times it will explode causing a Super Cyclone. When this happens it will cause damage to the entire party and most likely cause a wipe. To prevent this from happening make sure you keep switching its main target to stop the stacking from happening. During this phase the main tank should have both Garuda and the Spiny Plume focused on them while the rest of the party members focus on taking out all the Razor Plumes as fast as possible while keeping the Spiny Plume alive.

Once all the Razor Plumes are taken care of focus all attacks on Garuda until she jumps into the air. Now it’s time to take out the Spiny Plume causing it to explode which will inflect some AOE damage but also creates a Sacred Bubble in its wake. Make sure everyone gets inside this circle in order to get the Thermal High buff. This will greatly increase your wind resistance which will allow you to survive Garuda’s Mistral Shriek attack as well as her Aerial Blast. After these attacks focus DPS back on Garuda. Once Garuda jumps back into the air make sure you once again take out the Spiny Plume in order to receive the buff.

You know that you are on the final part of this phase when Garuda lands in the middle of the area and summons Chirada and Suparna and is now joined by the Spiny Plume. When Chirada and Suparna are on the field you will only have a little over a minute to take both of them out before Garuda releases Aerial Blast. Just like before if they are alive when Garuda does this attack it will end with a party wipe. To make things harder there will be five static vortex that will cover the entire area which only leaves a few of the spots safe. Just like before the main tank should keep Garuda and Suparna focused on them while the second tank pulls Chirada to the “C” mark but this time they should also pull the Spiny Plume as well.

Your party can either separate into two groups and stand on two of the safe areas on the edge of the map while the two tanks are across from each other. Ranged DPS can attack from afar while having a healer with each group will allowing for healing when necessary. Another way that works is if you stay as one group while the two tanks are still directly across from each other. During this fight you still want to keep Chirada and Suparna as far away from each other as possible while watching the Spiny Plumes de-buff in check, switching its target when necessary. Once both of the clones are taken out focus on Garuda until she jumps into the air. Take out the Spiny Plume and get into the Sacred Bubble in order to get the buff to survive Garuda’s wind attacks. From this point on you must continue to do this rotation until you finally finish her off.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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