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Not A Hero – Super Secret Portal Guide

by Jason Eliason


Scattered throughout Not A Hero are four Super Secret Portals that teleport you to bonus levels.  This guide will show you how to get to them.  I’ve also included video walk-throughs, demonstrating how to complete each level with the rank of Global Megalord.

Super Secret Portal 1 – Yippie-Kai-Ay

Location: Day 13 – War on Drugs

Make your way through the first two blocks of apartments until you find yourself at the top right window of the second apartment building.  Roll out onto the rooftop of the third building.  From here, the door can be easy to miss, but even easier to access.

Dropping down to the lower ledge of the second building, you’ll see a green NPC standing outside.  Take him out  and roll off the edge of the building.  Hug the wall to your left to land atop a small ledge.  Follow the arrow through a hidden doorway and you’ve made it.

Global Megalord Tips: 

This level is probably best beaten with any one of the characters that have melee weapons.  There will be hostages, so silent executions help immensely.  The level is short, fun and puzzling. You’ll have plenty of time to get to the payphone (60 seconds) so probably any character can complete it with a little practice.  Finally, you’ll need to kill everyone.  If you’re having a hard time figuring out the order in which it is best to complete all of the challenges, view my video below.


Super Secret Portal 2 – Tall and Thin

Location: Day 6 – Big Business

Note: Faster characters are recommended for completing this level’s challenges

You’ll need to get to the top floor of the first building to the right of where you spawn.  Drop down to the building on the left and proceed right, through same the building you spawned on top of.  Don’t be confused by the “SHOOT!” graffiti above the fire extinguisher, as this has nothing to do with accessing the secret level.

Traverse to the next building on the right and head to the top floor.  Be careful not to open fire on the enemies.  This is the tricky part.  You’ll need to be to the right of the fire extinguisher before shooting it, so execute the patrols carefully.  Shooting it will launch you atop of the building to the right.  Roll again through the windows of the next two buildings and you’re there.

Global Megalord Tips: 

As previously stated, it is extremely difficult to complete all of the challenges on this level with a slow character.  This is not only because of the two timed challenges, but because players will need to be able to jump long distances between buildings.  It is possible to launch yourself around with fire extinguishers, but killing the NPCs in the process will be difficult.

This is by far the hardest of the three Super Secret Levels.  You’ll have 43 seconds to reach the payphone and 140 seconds to finish the level.  To top it off, everyone must die.  If you’re quick enough, it’s possible to down quite a few enemies on your way to the payphone so you don’t need to revisit the areas.  Watch the video below to see my approach.


Super Secret Portal 3 – Dojo a GoGo

Location: Day 18 – Heist Almighty

Considering that it can only be accessed at the very end of a particularly difficult level, I’d say that it’s the hardest to access, as well as the trickiest.  In the video posted below I’ve demonstrated an effective method of speeding through the level.

Upon reaching the vault, do NOT steal the scroll.  Taking the scroll will finish the main mission objective and you will not be able to run past Bunnylord’s chopper.  Instead, run past the vault to the door at the far end and hold off waves of enemies until it opens.  Pay caution to the ninjas as you barrel through the next floor on your way to the chopper.  Pass Bunnylord and roll through the window.  Land on the collapsing window shade and hug the wall to the right to enter a room below.  Roll through the next window to land on the platform housing the portal.

Global Megalord Tips: 

There’s no time limit, but you will have to manage a ten-kill streak, complete six kills in eight seconds, and kill everyone.  Dojo a GoGo caters well to shotguns.  At the start of the level is a quick reload to the far right.  If you decide to take the shotgun rout, be careful not to pick up any other upgrades.  The reason being is that you will encounter a ton of ninjas and samurai in extremely close quarters throughout the map.  I would recommend using Mike, but I always recommend using Mike.  Screw it, I strongly recommend using Mike here.  This level screams Mike.  View my video below to see why.


Unlisted Portal – Henderson Apocalypse

Location: Day 16 – Ninjery Time

This is the only level that cannot be viewed in the Stats screen.  Since it was so much easier to find than Dojo a GoGo, I’d assumed that it was one of the main three when I wrote the game review… woops.  Henderson Apocalypse can be found on Day 16, Ninjery Time.  Proceed as usual through the level until reaching the 4th floor of the building where you encounter the helicopter.  To the far left there will be a man standing next to a red barrel outside.  Carefully take him out without shooting the barrel.  Stand to the left and shoot it.  The explosion will launch you directly to the door.

Global Megalord Tips: 

Perhaps Henderson Apocalypse isn’t listed in the stats screen because of its sheer strangeness.  More than anything, I interpreted it as the developers having fun.  The level doesn’t present any real challenging moments, so I won’t spoil it in text.  Before viewing the video below, I’d recommend playing it first.  Anyone who can offer up a bit of context are encouraged to do so in the comments.

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