AOTF Podcast #29: Call of Duty vs Battlefield, Binding of Isaac Giveaway, Uncharted 4, and Overwatch

by Kyle Hanson

The AOTF Podcast is back with Episode 29. After a few dull weeks this one was anything but, with big news hitting about some major franchises. Call of Duty finally unleashed its latest entry, Infinite Warfare, and while rumors of a Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered were true, the rest of the game is all new. Meanwhile, Battlefield is promising a full unveiling later this month, one which will supposedly melt the internet and make CoD: Infinite Warfare look like it came from 2010.

While those two franchises fight for FPS dominance, we setup a few grudge matches of our own, with Oculus Rift vs the HTC Vive, and Xbox Live Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus. If you’ve listened to previous episodes then you already know that I feel like the Oculus Rift has been a disaster of epic proportions. Its failed launch is only part of that, with it also lacking some very significant features that the Vive capitalizes on. I laid out my case in the article linked above, so check it out and let me know how wrong I am.

On the console gaming front, we have a new month which means new “free” games from Microsoft and Sony. This month PS Plus pulls out another easy victory, though neither slate of games was truly impressive. Sony simply offered more games, and newer titles, with one launching the day it became available on PS Plus at no cost to subscribers.

Meanwhile AAA titles also had some big news of their own, with Uncharted 4 just a few days from release. Our review should be up very soon, so check that out ASAP, and you can view our gameplay video to get our thoughts on the hugely popular game.

Overwatch was also in an early access closed beta. We gave our thoughts on the game right here, but as of this posting it should be in open beta. You should go right now to your PS4, Xbox One, or PC and grab the game too, because it is another major hit from Blizzard.

Dishonored 2 also received a full release date, with the promise of a complete gameplay reveal at E3 2016. We’ll be there at the show, so watch for new on that when the Bethesda E3 Showcase begins. In other Bethesda news, Fallout 4 had its Far Harbor DLC revealed via a new trailer. The massive expansion will hit on May 19th, and promises new adventures in a fresh location.

Finally there was the “May the Fourth” announcement of a new Star Wars game. This one is a bit different, with it being a third-person action title. The unnamed game is coming from Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment, and has God of War developer Stig Asmussen at the helm. With talent like that, in a universe like Star Wars gamers should be in for a treat whenever that title gets fully revealed.


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- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018