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Detective Pikachu Might Release in the West

by Dylan Siegler


For those unaware, last year the game Detective Pikachu was released in Japan for the 3DS. The game features a Pikachu that speaks in a human language, wears a Sherlock Holmes hat and solves crimes. Yes, this is a real thing. They’re even making a movie out of it now and Ryan Reynolds is doing the voice for Pikachu. I’m not joking. Anyway, the game follows the story of Tim Goodman as he teams up with his father’s Pikachu, Detective Pikachu, to solve crimes and figure out what happened to Tim’s father.

For a while, it looked like this game was only going to get a Japanese release, but a recent discovery would seem to imply otherwise. Serebii recently found that Detective Pikachu has been rated by PEGI, Europe’s rating board. Why else would PEGI rate a game unless it’s going to be released in Europe? So since it seems almost certain that the game is coming to Europe, it’s probably pretty likely that it’ll come to the rest of the West as well. The PEGI rating has the European release date scheduled as December 31, 2020, but it’s very likely that this is a placeholder date and that the game will actually be released in Europe sooner than that. Also, PEGI rated the game for ages 3 and up.

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