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Fable 4 rumored for Xbox One reveal

by William Schwartz


Remember those fifteen exclusives that Microsoft has destined for the Xbox One? Signs are starting to point towards the Fable franchise as the source of at least one of those. Today there have been a couple of different signals that are pointing to a Fable 4 announcement incoming from Microsoft for the Xbox One.

First and foremost, Lionhead Studios have recently opened the Fable Forums, where Lionhead explains their new web presence as a place where fans can talk about the latest news and announcements for the Fable series. Being that the last Fable launched some time ago, it seems that they are little late on this, unless they have a big reveal planned for E3.

Second, an image hit Twitter with a number of different images depicting Xbox One exclusives. Alongside Fable 4, the images lists Halo: Spartan Assault, Halo 5, a new Banjo Kazooie title, among others. This image could very well be fan-made, but the Fable Forums are real, either way, it would make a lot of sense for Microsoft to continue with the Fable franchise.

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