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Rumor: Mary Skelter: Nightmares 2 For PS4 Seemingly Leaked Online

by Jelani James


You might remember last year that Compile Heart released a rather ambitious dungeon RPG called Mary Skelter: Nightmares for the PlayStation Vita. Well, it appears the developers aren’t done with the IP yet, as a entry in the series  — Mary Skelter: Nightmates 2 — has been seemingly leaked online and will arrive on June 28 in Japan.

The leak in question comes from which shows an image of a dummy package used to promote the game which makes mention of a limited edition, a visual novel and a rebalanced version of the original Mary Skelter: Nightmares.

Here is a brief description of the game’s story:

Jail—an impregnable human asylum called a “living prison.”

This prison, which was suddenly born several decades ago, was controlled by monsters called “Marchens” and mad beings that led them called “Nightmares.”

Tsuu and The Little Mermaid, members of an organization called “Dawn” whose purpose is to escape from that Jail, successfully rescue new ally Alice, who was captured, and a boy named Jack, who she was with.

Tsuu headed to the city with Alice and Jack, but in the midst of that, Alice’s body was dyed in madness and started swinging her blade indiscriminately.

Alice’s blade attacked Tsuu, the Little Mermaid, and Jack, who tried to protect Tsuu, and the three fell down below a cliff.

Before the eyes of the princess who woke up below the cliff was Jack, who was seemingly about to die—.

Tsuu, The Little Mermaid, and Jack—this is the story of girls that spin blood and a boy that became a nightmare in attempts to break free from fate.

As Compile Heart has yet to make an official announcement, this leak should still be taken with a grain of salt. That said, all indicators suggest that Mary Skelter 2 is the real deal. Not only did CH confirm that it was in the middle of developing five new titles last week, but it acknowledged this recent leak in a tweet earlier this morning.

And assuming that it is real, a second Mary Skelter (likely a prequel, based on the description) will be more than welcome for fans of the first. In our review, we referred to Mary Skelter: Nightmares as one of the most unique and intriguing titles that Compile Heart has ever created. It does pretty much everything well, but unfortunately failed to perfect most of them. However, judging by the fact that a rebalanced version of the original will be coming, some of those issues — such as job balance — might be rectified this time around.

If anything, the only downside to this announcement is that there is no mention of Mary Skelter 2 coming to the PlayStation Vita.

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