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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon May Feature a Return to Kanto

by Dylan Siegler


Today (August 18), a new trailer for the upcoming games Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon was unveiled. The trailer was largely vague, mostly stating that more details about the games are to come. There was one specific scene shown in the trailer, however, that has gotten a lot of fans talking.

A lot of people on Twitter have been pointing out the similarities between the scene in the trailer where the player meets Ryuki and Lt. Surge’s gym from Pokémon Red and Blue. Both are largely yellow rooms with several trash cans lined up in rows and columns. This is certainly more than a coincidence, but it is unclear at this time whether this is simply an Easter Egg for older fans of the franchise, or if there will indeed be a part of the new games where the protagonist travels to the Kanto region. The only other games to feature more than one region were the second generation games, GoldSilverCrystalHeartGold and SoulSilver. Possibly coincidentally, an announcement about Gold and Silver coming to the 3DS was also made today.

All of our questions will be answered by the time Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out on the 3DS on November 17.

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