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Rumor: Shadow of the Tomb Raider May Have Been Leaked By Developer

by Dean James


Rise of the Tomb Raider released around this time last year for the Xbox One before coming to PC and PS4 in 2016. We’ve figured another game would be coming more than likely, and now it appears that the next entry has been leaked in an interesting way.

This information first surfaced courtesy of a Reddit post, which stated that the poster was on a subway in Montreal where they saw someone have their laptop open to a screen talking about visuals with a logo for a game named Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Considering the type of information that pops up on Reddit can be posted by anyone, this would have not seemed like a worthy source at all, even though something similar happened in the past with the leak of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on a plane.

However, this rumor is looking much more legitimate as Kotaku has now come in and confirmed that they are hearing this really is the title of the next Tomb Raider game and more specifically that its coming from Eidos Montreal.

Considering Crystal Dynamics is assumed to probably be working on a new Tomb Raider game themselves, you have to wonder if this is essentially the equivalent of Batman: Arkham Origins, even down to the game coming from a Montreal developer.

It would either seem to be that and Crystal Dynamics has their own Tomb Raider project in the works, or perhaps they have moved onto something else and Square Enix is letting Eidos Montreal take the reigns for the time being. Either way, it’s likely we won’t find out much more for awhile, so for now we still have to take this as a rumor.

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