Rumor Suggests New Fable, Perfect Dark, and Mech Assault Games Coming to Xbox One

by William Schwartz


When it comes to exclusives, Microsoft has been playing catch-up with Sony this generation, but a new rumor suggests that there are a number of popular franchises that could see a return in the future.  Gleaning information from the Xbox API, Reset Era member Klobrille seems to have uncovered some information about future Xbox exclusives which include returns to the Fable, Perfect Dark, and Mech Warrior franchises, Forza Horizon set in Japan, and a “high player-count” version of Xbox’s biggest franchise (Halo).

The information seemingly comes from a reputable source as Klobrille did make a massive leak prior to E3 2016 which turned out to be entirely true for the most part, using the same exact method.  It’s entirely unclear which of these projects will come to reality and which are just projects that are being worked on internally.

While the information was revealed in cryptic fashion by Klobrille, the Reset Era community has started to piece together the alleged leaks.  The Fable related project, codenamed “Wisdom” is said to be coming from Electric Square, a developer that’s been confirmed to be working on something for the Xbox.  With Gears of War 4 in the rear-view, The Coalition has indeed moved on to something else.  The leaked information suggests that this something is a new Perfect Dark game.  The Perfect Dark franchise has not been seen for some time, with the last release in the series being an Xbox 360 launch title.

Microsoft releasing another Forza Horizon game wouldn’t be surprising and a release date of 2018 would be right on schedule for them.  The setting of Japan, however, does sound like something that could be quite interesting and visually appealing.

The most mysterious of the leaks is definitely the “high player-count” game in what Klobrille calls Xbox’s biggest franchise.  That franchise is most certainly Halo, but what that could possibly be is anyone’s guess.  High player count games recently released have been geared towards Battle Royale style modes.  Whether 343 is working on something that increases the scope of the Warzone mode found in Halo 5 or something entirely different is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, if these rumors turn out to be true it sounds like Microsoft will have plenty to reveal later this year at E3 2018.

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