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Super Street Fighter V Could Be On The Horizon

by Jelani James



Street Fighter V may have just received a major update with Season 2.5, but if rumors are to believed then Capcom might have something even greater in store. That’s right, there have been some rumblings suggesting that Capcom is preparing Super Street Fighter V, which will essentially serve as expansion for SFV.

The rumor, originating from Reddit, suggests Super Street Fighter V will add an assortment of features for players to enjoy. To start, the expansion will supposedly add three new game modes: an arcade mode (something that people have been begging for since the game launched in February 2016), extra mode and something described as “some sort of PvE mode against the Illuminati.” Meanwhile, on the gameplay side of things, Super Street Fighter V is reportedly set to expand upon existing mechanics in some fashion and incorporate brand-new critical arts. Lastly, the expansion will add six new fighters to the mix: Sagat, Sakura, Oro, Q, Necro and C. Viper.

With all rumors of its ilk, the question needs to be asked: How truthful is this rumor? Unfortunately, the answer might not be easy to ascertain.

To start, Capcom pledged long-time support for Street Fighter V and stated early on that it wouldn’t release any enhanced versions of the game in the future. However, ignoring the fact that Capcom releasing enhanced versions of its Street Fighter titles is tradition, things have not gone quite as well as the company had hoped. Yes, Street Fighter V had a reasonably strong launch, but sales fell off soon afterwards. Furthermore, there appears to be varying degrees of disappointment with the game among its fan base (for example, the sentiment that the game was unfinished upon release).

So as you can see, there are some things in favor of SSFV, but there are still some things against it.

That said, it would definitely be nice if the rumors were real, if not for the fact that it would help to reboot the game and make it more appealing to the player base as a whole, then because the expansion will reportedly be free for everyone who already owns the base game. In any case, regardless of whether this is true or not, we can be certain that more updates like what was seen with 2.5 will find their way to the game, but a Super Street Fighter V really does seem enticing right about now.

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