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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Rumors of a potential HD remaster abound.

by Jelani James


Is Skyward Sword coming to the Nintendo Switch?

This is the question on many The Legend of Zelda fans’ minds following reports of a possible tease from series boss Eiji Aonuma who appeared on-stage at a TLoZ music concert in Osaka, Japan.

“I know what you are thinking, Skyward Sword for Switch, right?” He allegedly said, with fans (both in the audience and watching from home) responding with applause.

Honestly speaking, they have all right to be excited.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword debuted on the Nintendo Wii in 2011 and represented the series’ first major departure from the usual formula before Breath of the Wild shook things up entirely. For instance, the large overworld was replaced with smaller areas meant to be played multiple times, albeit with radical changes for each visit.

On top of that, the general aesthetic, as well as its memorable characters and areas, helped give what was the first TLoZ game chronologically the chance to overcome certain drawbacks like its reliance on the Wii’s MotionPlus peripheral or Fi, the magical spirit residing in Link’s famous Master Sword, who was likened to the Ocarina of Time’s Navi for all the wrong reasons, and go on to be considered one of the best entries in the series.

Needless to say, Nintendo has yet to comment on the current situation, but the time is certainly ripe for Skyward Sword to arrive on the Switch. Nintendo has made a habit of releasing at least one new Zelda game every year since 2015 (this year’s offering was Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition), and following the release of Twilight Princess HD in 2016, this game should be the next one up to receive similar treatment — something that it would benefit greatly from thanks to the improved motion sensors of the Joy-Cons.

Of course, assuming the reports are accurate, we’re only left with one question: when will it be announced?

Well, The Game Awards are next week, and with the promise of many exciting announcements, there’s a good chance Skyward Sword HD will be one of them.

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