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Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 Footage Uncovered

by William Schwartz


Star Wars Battlefront 3 is one of the most requested Star Wars videogame titles and soon, players will be able to rejoice in a new iteration of Battlefront that is currently being made by DICE. For those interested in what the game looked like in 2012, some Youtube users have gotten their hands on the pre-alpha build of the game.

Youtube user ‘BananaSwag’ has uploaded two videos of pre-alpha gameplay of the much anticipated title. This is not the version that DICE is currently developing, it is the version that was being worked on at Free Radical before the company was defunct and the game was cancelled by Lucasarts. The footage shows a lot of frame-rate drops and as the user mentions, it’s due to the fact it is a pre-alpha version.

The footage gives us a look at the menus, maps that were to be available in the full game. As the user notes, this is ported from the PC version to the Xbox 360 and the build itself is from 2012. Unlike previous leaks of Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage, this one is significant and totals of about a half-hour of footage. Here’s part of the users video description:

Some footage of the build of Star Wars Battlefront 3 that got canceled. This build is from 2012 and was ported over from the PC. This content is not mine, it is the property of Disney. No copyright intended, this is purely for review of the build. The game looked very fun to play and runs pretty well other then the obvious frame rate drops.

The second video that was uploaded appears to have a few multiplayer scenarios setup against bots to show us what the game could have been like if it was ever released. The first part appears to be a ‘team deathmatch’ type of game where the player controlled Padme Amidala would search out members of the Fett family and Darth Vader. The second part showed a player controlled Leia taking out Siths and various dark side entourage with a blaster.

Looking past the frame rate issues of a very dated pre-alpha build, it still looked pretty cool. If this was to release tomorrow, I would buy it. So there you have it, some footage of the canned Free Radical developed Star Wars Battlefront 3. Now if the upcoming DICE developed version can come out half as good as some of this footage I am sure fans will be happy.

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