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Creating the World In Hellblade

by William Schwartz


Ninja Theory, the company known for creating great games such as Heavenly Sword, DmC and Enslaved revealed their newest project Hellblade during PlayStation’s Gamescom Press Coference back in August. Many people including myself were extremely excited to see that they had a new game in development. Still not much information has been released yet so there is still a lot to be uncovered. Luckily for us, Ninja Theory has just released a Dev Diary called Creating the World. Ninja Theory has come out to say that when they announced the game it was still incredibly early in development. The reason why they did this is because the wanted to share as much of Hellblade’s development with us as they possibly can. Most games today will slowly leak out the details of their development but keep most of it hidden away. Ninja Theory wants to take everything that they have and throw it on the table for all to see. This in turn will make it so that we will know exactly what to expect when the game is released.

Since the announcement at Gamescon, Ninja Theory has been constantly updating their site with development diary videos, concept art, live streams and blog posts. The Developer Diary released today is actually the forth dairy so far and it focuses on approach and the direction they are taking in creating the world in Hellblade. As you watch this video it is very hard not to be impressed with direction they are going, not to mention that they only have one Environment Artist on the project right now. Hellblade’s team only consists of 13 people so far and they are currently embarking on the prototyping phase of development. There’s a lot involved in the prototyping phase such as, exploring game mechanics, technologies and deciding on which way to go with the art style. Make sure you don’t get discouraged, Ninja Theory always likes to make sure that they produce quality products for their fans and this video proves it.

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