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Driveclub Pulls Up With Live-Action Trailer

by William Schwartz


Driveclub is fast approaching and what better way than to prepare than a live-action trailer for the upcoming Evolution Studios developed title.

Playstation has had a long history of live-action trailers and awesome marketing and the European trailer seen below is no different. It mixes humor with a marketing contest based around the game. A seemingly ordinary guy pulls up to a club in a car and is suddenly mistaken to own the sexy car that pulls up blocking his clunker of a vehicle. So of course he is immediately rushed into the club with ladies in arm. Hilarity ensues when the trailer draws to close and asks viewers to try their hand a contest labeled ‘Driveclub Supercar Services’ and entices them with the ability to “Hit the club in a Supercar!” Fans can enter via two sites which don’t seem to be open yet. Either way, check out the trailer below.

Driveclub is set to release exclusively on Playstation 4 in two flavors, one on Playstation Plus and one for $49.99 on October 7th.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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