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Quantum Break 2012 Prototype Footage Revealed

by Mike Guarino


Remedy recently shared some prototype footage for their upcoming game Quantum Break, which shows off just how much the game has evolved over the last several years. Most of the footage is from 2012 and was created in order to prove to Microsoft that the game was worth going forward with.

The footage shows lots of content from the library segment of the game, which features great-looking concept art at various points in the video. Remedy notes that even though the library section made it into the final game, the sequence is much different from what is shown in the video.

Remedy goes on to say that there were many different prototypes that they created in order to show off the game’s time-bending mechanics, as they were constantly going for different things. In the end, what seems cool and what will actually work are two different things, so some ideas are scrapped while others need to be developed further.

Development for Quantum Break began when Remedy was mulling over ideas for Alan Wake 2, which resulted in them going off in a new direction and creating a new series. Even though Alan Wake 2 was put on the back burner, Remedy continues to tell fans that the game will happen at some point down the line.

Quantum Break is set to launch for the Xbox One on April 5, and you can check out the the prototype footage for the game below.

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