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Ultra Street Fighter IV Current-Gen Announced Exclusively For PlayStation 4

by Dean James


The big bombshell that made its way out this week was that of a leaked trailer for Street Fighter V, which showed it would be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PC. However, when it came to announcing something Street Fighter related at the PlayStation Experience, we seemingly got trolled in a sense, at least for now.

Adam Boyes took to the stage and announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV was making its current-gen leap to exclusively PlayStation 4 this spring. The game looks good, but at this point everyone is just really wanting to know more about the next full installment, as Ultra Street Fighter IV is just more of the same again.

Just because they skipped over V does not mean it isn’t coming, as Boyes said something to the effect of “is that not the Street Fighter announcement you were waiting for?” He then laughed and moved on.

It really does seem almost as if they are saving the Street Fighter V announcement for the end of the show and leaking it early was on purpose for this level of trolling, but we’ll have to see for sure. Stay tuned to find out as that will be not too far away.

Ultra Street Fighter IV PlayStation 4 Reveal Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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