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ESRAM rumored to be a permanent bottleneck for Xbox One

| October 28, 2013

ESRAM rumored to be a permanent bottleneck for Xbox One Rumors Xbox  Xbox One

According to recent rumors, the Microsoft’s design decisions for the Xbox One might lead to a permanent bottleneck for the console, making it harder to keep up with Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Alongside rumors from earlier this week that the console is having interface issues and connectivity problems on Xbox Live, these new rumors suggest that it could be far worse.

An alleged “insider” claims to have spoken with a developer who says that the Xbox One “has no chance in hell for parity with PS4”.

Take these rumors for what you will, they are just that at this point. Earlier this week, Microsoft commented on the rash of recent speculation for the Xbox One, with Phil Spencer claiming that “anyone can post stuff to the web”.

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  • Facts First

    Damn. Fanboys be getting desperate up in here.

    • mathMaticks

      Nope, those are just the -Facts First.

      megaton monday-
      article on kotaku – then confirmed major problems, by Cboat.. xbox720p confirmed.

      • lolwhatare

        If we’re going by “Cboat” he also said better tools are coming for esram. either way both consoles are weak don’t be surprised in 3-4 years MS and Sony bring out a new console.

        • UpChuckDaBoogie

          And you don’t get a new PC every 3-4 years? lol. If you aren’t upgrading your PC every 3-4 years you are a pretty lame PC gamer. you people are dumbasses.

      • trfe

        Hate to burst your bubble dummy. Rumors are not facts.

  • Blarg

    Although it is clear at this stage that the Xbox One will lag behind the PS4 in terms of raw power, preferably these rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when sourced from an 100% anonymous ‘insider’. We may need to wait until the next generation systems launch to discover the true extent of the issue.

    • Mattress

      I don’t know if it will “lag” behind (though it may well do) but it is quite clear the PS4 is a little more powerful and easier to develop for at the moment – based on rumours. However with more advanced development tools / software, the ESRAM may end up being MS’s ace up the sleeve in terms of delivering better gameplay experiences in some situations.

  • Tyler

    Sony fans seem really insecure right now. I would be. They don’t have any actual games coming out on their new “all about the games” system.

    • TotallyNotGlenn

      Lol. The PS4 gets one launch day exclusive delayed. Suddenly Xbots be like “ZOMG NO GAMES ON PS4!”

      Give me a break.

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      lol i’m afraid the only people who should be worried about the launch of their preferred console should be xbots

      • lolwhatare

        If we’re going by rumors it’s being stated PS4 should be pushed to 2014 also with the issues they’re having. so going to be a fun launch ;)

        • Country Boy Lucifer


  • njb

    no one is worried bout ps4.

    i just cant wait to get my hands on it.

    BUT im not liking the situation for the Xbox fans, if MS have been withholding info and twisting the truth then its ashame but these are not confirmed yet.

    Im surprised MS havent come foward to nip these rumors in the bud. Arrogance will kill the “Xbox” brand off if they continue like this.

    U cant treat ur fanbase like that its not cool.

    • GK15

      I’m an Xbox fan, have been for a long time, and I am not concerned in the least. I actually really like the XB1 and can’t wait to get it. All these rumors are just complete horsesh*t though and really annoying.

      I will say that Xbox One was too controversial upon it’s reveal and they got into a place where it is trendy to hate on it. Every jerk off wannabe journalist is writing up on these completely ridiculous rumors hoping to get hits and incite flame wars in the comments sections.

      • Mattress

        Yup, that was Microsoft’s big mistake. Once you lose the support of teh internets then the media begins to cater to that audience in order to receive more hits. Props to Sony on that front – they’ve run a fairly flawless PR campaign so far. But it’s not over yet. Both companies need a good launch period to either gain ground or consolidate their lead. And as MS have stated “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”. We won’t know a winner until about 2018.

    • lolwhatare

      Funny considering some people who actually know what’s going on behind the scenes are cancelling both pre-orders and going for it in 2014.

  • Mattress

    Rumours, rumours, rumours.

    If you want to hear MORE rumours about the PS4 and X1 then I suggest you search YouTube for this video:

    “PS4/Xbox One Launch Disasters Imminent! (Please Share)”

    Some interesting tidbits. If the rumour that the PS4 patch is necessary to remove the Sony DRM system turns out to be true then it will be hilarious. Think of all the Sony fans who stated “Sony never lie to us – they love us too much”. Who knows what the truth is though.

    The next 2-3 weeks are going to be fun!

    • James

      Anyone saying “Sony never lie to us – they love us too much” is an idiot. Both Sony and MS already lied to us. They will say anything to sell their product.

      • Mattress


      • Psilosopher

        Sony has the absolute worst track record when it comes to DRM and developing proprietary technology. Admittedly, Microsoft only ever got into the console business because they needed a “Trustworthy Computing” platform that they could release into the wild for testing DRM technology, but Sony practically invented rootkits, and they have the BALLS to call the PSP’s disc (Which is really just an odd-shaped, Sony MiniDisc) a “UNIVERSAL media disk” or UMD, when it works in NOTHING besides a PSP… Universal my Lilly-White ass!

        I could continue… Betamax, MediaStick, Minidisc, ATRAC, Etc.

        Sony is a VERY domineering company, and M$ is not really any different, they just design far less hardware than Sony.

        The real proof is always in the pudding, and I’ve already pre-ordered my pudding. No way I’m ditching the XBL account I’ve had for over a decade now, because the PS4 has slightly better graphics. M$ just plunked down $70,000,000 on increasing the power and capabilities of XBL, and that’s not nothing. There are many factors to gaming beyond graphics, and it is my sincere hope that this new generation of consoles BOTH keep that in mind moving forward. Just my opinion, I don’t care enough to get trolled… Like I said, I’ve already made my choice.

    • Shannon Novosel

      Nice response there rumors will hit big time for the next couple of weeks

    • Underworld

      I’m tired of all the rumours, both for the X1 and PS4. It is getting ridiculous.

      I don’t really believe any of them. And I don’t believe the rumour about Sony planned DRM and the patch will remove it. Shuhei posted about all these rumours on twitter by just saying ‘stupid’. I trust Shuhei.
      You can play PS4 without downloading the patch. If it was shipping with DRM like X1 then you wouldn’t be able to play it without downloading the patch first. If it’s true then we will find out soon enough. I don’t think it is though.

      I think I had a discussion with you about the DRM a couple months ago. I will say if it is true and it is confirmed that they had DRM, I will consider switching to X1.

      And Dualshockers wrote an article about the other rumours, calling them ‘bogus’.

      • Mattress

        I’d say it is highly unlikely the Sony DRM rumour is true. Why would you even release the hardware if there was a risk of that being found out – it would destroy your credibility as a brand.

        In terms of purchase, either system will be FANTASTIC. You literally can’t go wrong in choosing either system to my mind.

        • Underworld

          I agree. They would be in big trouble and would damage their brand. That’s one reason why I don’t believe it’s on there or that they considered doing it. If they did either, it will come out eventually.

          I think both systems will be great and people will enjoy their choice. I’ve just decided not to get an X1 because of Microsoft. They have done too many things over the years that don’t sit right with me. One of those things is how 90% of the X1’s features are locked away without gold. I know to some they don’t care, but to me it’s just wrong and says a lot about them. I’ve had both Xbox consoles, but I enjoy PS better.

          What do you think about the fact that BF4 is 900p on PS4 and 720p on X1. And Ghosts being 1080p on PS4 and 720p on X1? I think it’s a pretty big deal. Is that still a rumour? I’m not sure.

          I would be disappointed if most, if not all, next gen games aren’t in 1080p.

          • Mattress

            BF4 = 900p PS4 and 720p X1 – confirmed.

            Having seen the comparison vids between 720p (X1), 900p (PS4), and 1080p (PC) – I was actually surprised at how little difference there is between the two consoles. To me it illustrates the stark diminishing returns in graphics as they improve in quality. The difference between 720p to 1080p was far more noticeable and would definitely provide a better experience. But between 720 to 900 or 900 to 1080p, you had to look so hard that it wasn’t worth the effort in my view and you certainly wouldn’t notice it while playing – though you may notice differences in comparison videos / screenshots.

            COD = 1080p PS4 and 720p X1 – unconfirmed rumour

            So hard to comment on this until we know whether it is true. But if it were, of course I would be disappointed. But a low resolution now may be more a reflection of rushed development (as they all are with launch titles) and MS not having all their development tools ready with ESRAM (rumours from NeoGaf). If Ryse can do 900p then I would’ve thought CoD on an old engine could at least do that – but that is pure speculation as I’m certainly no expert in that area.

            I am hoping that with more development time and better development tools for future games, we will see 1080p regularly on both consoles.

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      you are aware it’s been announced that the ps4 will work without the day one update? hence no DRM….

      Sorry bud

      • Mattress

        See my replies to Underworld in this thread – no need to be sorry. I actually don’t care either way.

  • jaskdavis

    “ESRAM” and “Bottleneck” don’t even belong in the same sentence since it’s their to bypass… bottlenecks lol Im dying right now XD

    • GK15

      I can’t believe this article was even published.

  • Billy

    I love the way rumors like this no matter who they are against. It is poor journalism to put rumors as fact and to let personal opinion rule your article. The history of FanboyAttack is so bias. ESRAM is a type of static memory and runs faster than RAM, running at over 200 GB per second ESRAM could only bottleneck if dev dont use it or if they misuse it. Everyone over looks the nand storage of 8 GB which is flash memory basically the same in your smart phone or tablet flash memory is instant ok near instant but can be used to run the OS in Xbox One and leave more RAM and ESRAM for games and apps.

    • James

      This rumour was relayed here just to get reactions from both sets of fans.
      See how stupîd MS fanboys like Tyler and Facts First came here and just started talking rubbish.

      Already 10 comments, well done Bill Hess.

      • Mattress

        I’m recovering in bed following the removal of a wisdom tooth so I’m loving the drama and the distraction! Hence the large number of posts by me – haha

        • GK15

          Ahhh man, I had two pulled last year.

          No fun.

          • James

            I also had 2 removed last year. It was not that bad for me. Felt a bit weird the first few hours but was fine after that.

          • Duke

            I had all 4 removed last year, no anesthetic…. A lot of regret there

          • Mattress

            No anaesthic! You’re my new hero! I honestly wouldn’t have thought that was possible

          • Duke

            I got needles in my gums but they pretty much wore off quickly, the 3rd one hurt the most though…. I wasn’t going to pay over $2000 to get teeth removed…. Screw thatttt

          • Mattress

            I think the needles in the gums are the local anesthetic.

          • Duke

            The anesthetic here in Aus is the knockout gas… Which costs $750 per hour.

    • English, do you speak it? Or more importantly, can you read it? Passing it off as fact would be us not clearly marking this as a rumor, four times within a 200 word article.

  • Allen

    I was here and I didn’t say $hit about it.

    • Wizard of Peace

      Are you sure?

  • Guest


    • Billy


    • Mattress

      Hehe. Gifs are fun

    • GK15


    • John Scafidi

      Thats great

    • mathMaticks


    • logik893

      Less rumors, more humor please

    • GameonAll

      that was awesome

  • Wizard of Peace

    More rumors, who knew?

  • Boz

    “anyone can post stuff to the web”. Well then MS step up to the plate and PROVE IT WRONG!!

    If this was my system I would want to put all rumors to rest and put everyone’s minds at easy.

    The problem is society goes based on what they see and hear when it comes to decision making.

    I have yet to see rumors on PS4 floating around on AOTF, so either this site is really, really bias towards the XBox Uno or the PS4 is really that perfect.

  • GK15

    Where do they come up with this sh*t?

    I’ve read several times that peak bandwidth for 8GB GDDR5 is 176Gb/s with 170Gb/s of real world performance, peak bandwidth for 8GB DDR3 + 32MB eSRAM is 286Gb/s with real world performance of around 200Gb/s. Advantage Xbox. Not that it matters anyway, because the PS4 has a stronger GPU, but the XB1 has a faster CPU + better audio chip, while the PS4 will need to use their already slower CPU for complex audio processes. The architecture is very complex and the PS4 may indeed yield an advantage when it comes to graphics, but not by that much.

    Hey here’s a rumor. I heard from a “trusted inside source” that the PS4 will do your taxes for you, fold your laundry and clean up after your kids! Somebody write an article on it.

    See, anybody can post “stuff” on the internet

    • Mattress


    • Nathan O

      to be completely honest, I think you’ll be looking at around 150 gb/s for the XB1 and the PS4.

      • GK15

        I’m no tech, but from what I’ve read, that should be just fine for either.

    • John Scafidi

      3gbs of xbox one is mostly dedicated for the camera crap. They didnt think about just the games and thats the problem

      • GK15


        3GB’s are dedicated to the OS.

        PS4 uses 3 – 3.5 GB’s for their OS. What’s your point?

        • John Scafidi

          not true. Go look up why Xbox is RAM is not making that big of an impact there are a bunch of articles out there where the developers and personal testers have said that too much of the RAM goes to all of the entertainment features then what is needed for the gaming

          • GK15

            I don’t know what bubble you live in, but it must be nice in there.

          • John Scafidi

            developers will create games on PlayStation 4’s platform and then port it over to Xbox one. s

          • Nathan O

            a bunch of articles? How bout linking to just one? I’ve been following this launch very closely and from everything I’ve seen the XB1 reserves 3GB for their OS. The PS4 reserves 3.5 for theirs and it does less

          • John Scafidi

            I have been following this launch very closely as well. And I never said that thoses numbers weren’t right. But playstation will allow developers use up to an xtra gb, so that number goes to 5.5. Also if that turns out to be not true that fact is that xbox chose the wrong ram because between ddrm5 is better then ddrm3. So you wont even notice it. I ordered both and have had both systems since they were created ps1 and xbox 1. But this ti e around playstation won, plain and simple

        • Underworld

          It’s said the PS4 uses 3gb for the OS and 5gb for games. Though I thought Sony hasn’t confirmed anything?

  • Making you upset, obviously.

  • Here’s a thought. Go somewhere else?

  • John Scafidi

    the truth is PlayStation 3 was a lot more powerful than Xbox 360 but because most developers didn’t use the PlayStation 3 to its full potential you never really noticed a difference. Xbox one is not going to be used to its full potential because developers are not going to change their games and everything about it to fit one console, it just won’t happen. The standard for developing games this time around is going to be in PlayStation 4 format, I guarantee you.

    • Duke

      The only way we will be able to tell the true power of the consoles is through exclusives and the true power won’t be seen until at least 3 years into the console’s life.

      Until then, we can only speculate and bitch about what console has the better graphics once we have them in our hands.

      • ObrackBarama

        TRUE, ULTIMATE POWER!!!!11!!

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    Only one thing to say about this really

    No smoke without fire

  • Justin Rebar

    Micro$oft will just throw some money around so we all get crappy games, because their console isnt up to par with the PS4. Cant have one game be better on PS4 than it is on Xbox according to them…

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    I’m getting a PS4 and i dont believe this! Were the hell are the facts!? Talk about Bad sportsmanship! -_- This rumor shit is annoying! Wish ppl would stick to stone hard facts! =/

  • Martok

    PC-ps4-xb1-wiiu. It don’t matter, its the games that do. :)

  • raine204

    permanently get rid of Kinect and its a day 1 buy….otherwise ill play halo5 at a friends house and wash my hands of the system, Destiny available on PS4 along with all the EA games and all their exclusives, really might be the first generation where I don’t purchase all the major gaming systems….just get rid of Kinect all ready/lower the price by $100bone and be on true parity with the P$4. Like no brainer here.
    As for the Esram, yah I thought that was supposed to be an advantage for the Xbone, could sum1 ELI5 why in this case its not? Like non-bias like plz.
    Good gaming to all.

  • GameonAll

    As always the proof is in the games and as far as multi plat looks like PS4 2 XO 0
    Still there is hope the XO launch line is still the better buy based on Exclusives and Ryse and Forza + DR3 looks awesome not to mention KI – so should be all good on 11 22

  • J

    LOL Sony is just loving how they can put any bullf*cky up and just because of DRM people believe it.

    However, most people ARE idiots.

    • ObrackBarama

      That’s why I’m in Office, sir.