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Ryse: Son of Rome Gladiator Guide

by William Schwartz



For all you people out there who are wondering ” WTF, how are they getting 100,000 xp per game, when Im just scraping together 20,000 xp. Well if you want to know exactly how these people are doing it please read on !


You will be rewarded differently depending on which god you choose, although it says choosing Diana will grant you with bonus xp do not pick her, pick Jupiter. When using Jupiter everytime you finish and enemy with an execution you will be rewarded extra focus time, this is essential to gaining big combos which result in big XP !


When in gladiator mode combos are the way forward if you want high scores, a lot of people didnt know this but you can push LB at the end of your combo to keep it going for another 20 seconds whilst there are no enemies to fight until the next challenge, if your combo begins to flash simply click LB again to keep it going.

This technique can be used to make one huge continuous combo from start to finish of a round.

When playing as Jupiter you will have a lot more focus than normal, this gives you more of an advantage on linking combos, as you can keep using your focus to slow enemies.


For ranking up the best choice would be to play online co-op on classical rome, when playing with two players it makes it a lot easier to play through and link your combos and you both share the challanges.

When playing on classical rome, you will want to watch out for the archers as they will soon cut your combo short. When you are given the challenge “kill the archers” the best thing to do is to stand directly below them where they can not get you with their arrows. Kill the remaining enemies here, then proceed above to kill the archers if your co-op parnter hasn’t already.


So you will need to choose classical rome on co-op, select your god as Jupiter, always remeber to keep an eye out for attacking enemies, always use your special abilty with RB, but remember don’t just slash to death as you will want to use executions to refill your focus and don’t forget to use LB to keep your combo going for a little while longer.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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