10 Best Dragon Ball Quotes Across the Entire Series

In Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama introduced us to some of the most powerful and noble warriors in anime. Most of the cast of Dragon Ball has one or more lessons to teach the audience through their journey.

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From learning to let go of our egos to becoming a beacon of hope for everyone around you, you can bet that Goku and his friends have a quote for such an occasion. With so many iconic lines being delivered, it is hard to choose which ones are the greatest. Nonetheless, we have compiled some of the best quotes across the entire Dragon Ball series.

Beware of spoilers below for the Dragon Ball Franchise.

The Best Lines Said in Dragon Ball

The following phrases were selected for how much impact they had on audiences throughout the years. Some inspire fans to try their best and never give up, while others simply represent epic moments that occurred during Goku’s journey.

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10. “Closing Your Mind to the Prospect of Failure Will Only Ensure Your Defeat!” – Muten Roshi

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Despite how irritating his antics can be at times, Master Roshi is still one of the oldest and most skilled warriors in the world. He is the man who trained Goku and Krillin and turned them into the amazing men they are today. He is wiser than most, and while he keeps his wisdom hidden most of the time, he has proven several times how knowledgeable he is.

The 22nd Tenkai-Ichi Budokai Tournament saw Master Roshi joining the roster under the alias of Jackie Chun. When Krillin began boasting about his strength, his master had to remind him to stay humble, risking his cover being blown off. This phrase reminds us that even the best can fail at times, and we should always stay humble.

9. “You’ll Laugh at Your Fears When You Find Out Who You Are.” – Piccolo Jr.


After Goku’s death during the battle against Raditz, Piccolo took the young Gohan to train him for the Saiyan Invasion that would occur. During this time, the Namekian realized how much stronger than Goku Gohan could be with the proper preparations. Sadly, the small child was constantly crying and continuously complained about being scared.

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To Piccolo, these claims were outlandish, as Gohan was stronger than most other creatures nearby. He knew that Gohan had nothing to be afraid of, as he could surpass any obstacle put in front of him. Piccolo reminds us that even our worst fears can be conquered once we realize how powerful we are just by being ourselves.

8. “You May Have Invaded My Mind, and My Body, but There’s One Thing a Saiyan Always Keeps… His Pride!” – Prince Vegeta

Screenshot: Toei Animation

One of the most shocking moments in Dragon Ball was when Vegeta allowed Babidi to invade his mind and become one of his lackeys. He used the power boost granted to him by the wizard to finally beat Goku in a fight. Still, once he realized what he had done, Vegeta knew that he should have never allowed the villain to take over his mind.

Babidi tried everything, from suggestions to threats to keep the prince under his control. Vegeta persevered, staying true to his ideals and holding onto his Saiyan Pride, the feature that defines his character. This moment is the perfect example of how strong and determined Vegeta can be, even against impossible odds.

7. “On This Planet, We Know That Even the Lowest-Born Can Outdo the Elite if They Work Hard Enough.” – Son Goku

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Woefully, when Vegeta first arrived on Earth, he was nothing like the stern but loyal friend he is today. Being the Prince of the Saiyan Race, Vegeta saw himself as superior to most creatures in the universe. Throughout his fight with Goku, the prince continued mocking our hero, calling him a low-class warrior with no chance of winning.

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Goku, aware that hard work can overcome natural talent, stated that things do not work on Earth as they did on planet Vegeta. The young warrior went on to prove the validity of his words by defeating Vegeta with the help of his friends. This is a moment that serves as a reminder that no matter what, training and perseverance can help you beat even the strongest opponents.

6. “It is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone will not reach.” – Android 16

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Android 16 is best known for his kind nature, love for animals, and unbreakable will. Even when he was built specifically to kill Goku, the android went beyond his programming and became a protector of the Earth. He proved how willing he was to protect life on the planet when he sacrificed himself to stop Cell from destroying everything.

Before being destroyed, Android 16 addressed Gohan, who was refusing to fight Cell. He knew that the boy was not fond of fighting and abhorred the idea of killing someone. Nonetheless, he also reminded Gohan that fighting for a noble cause was not evil, and there was no alternative to stop Cell’s plans. This is a harsh truth that we are not often reminded of in our daily lives.

5. ”I Am Truth. Ally to Good! Nightmare to You!” – Son Goku

Screenshot: Toei Animation

When thinking about Dragon Ball, most fans think back to one of the most iconic moments in the franchise, the battle against Frieza. This was one of the most brutal encounters Goku and his friends had in the series. The galactic tyrant not only almost erased the Namekian race from existence, but he also killed or severely injured most of Goku’s friends.

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These atrocities were enough to send Goku into a rage and awaken the Super Saiyan state. The sudden transformation and massive increase in power shocked Frieza, who asked Goku what kind of creature he was. In one of the most chilling speeches in anime, Goku proclaimed himself as the savior of the universe who would destroy the ruthless emperor.

4. “Trunks… Bulma… I Do This for You. And Yes… Even for You, Kakarot…” – Prince Vegeta

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Once freed from Babidi’s influence, Vegeta decided to face the evil Majin Buu in a last-ditch attempt to redeem himself. Woefully, he knew that not even the power boost granted by the wizard would be enough to deal with the being. After a short self-debate, Vegeta chooses to create a gigantic explosion that would destroy his body but would also vaporize Majin Buu.

Before being killed by his attack, Vegeta let go of his ego, admitting his wrongdoing and how attached he got to the people of Earth. His last thoughts before passing were those of his wife, son, and best friend. This was the moment when Vegeta went from being a reluctant ally to the Z Warriors to a real friend.

3. “You Wallow in Your Own Justice Alone, We’ll Never Let You Crush Our Will to Live!” – Future Trunks

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Among all the villains in the Dragon Ball Franchise, Zamasu is arguably the one with the most interesting motivation. This deity saw mortals as a mistake that should be erased from existence for the universe to be at peace. Zamasu’s twisted sense of morality almost cause the entire universe to be erased, if not for the bravery of Future Trunks.

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Despite having witnessed the deaths of all his friends, family, and almost every other human on Earth, Trunks stood as the hope of all living creatures. He fought the deity despite being terrified of dying, all to prevent Zamasu from achieving his goal. His words are a reminder of how resilient and powerful the will of humanity can be when used for good.

2. “I Would Rather Be a Brainless Monkey Than a Heartless Monster.” – Son Goku

Screenshot: Toei Animation

When Goku was sent to Earth as a baby, he was tasked with becoming a conqueror and taking over the planet. Thanks to an unexpected hit in the head and the amazing tutelage of his grandpa Gohan, he instead became the most ardent protector of the planet. He may not be the smartest being, but he has a heart of gold and always fights for what is right.

Frieza, on the other hand, has been using his power to conquer and kill from childhood. The emperor and Goku could not be more different, as stated during their conversation on Planet Namek. After being mocked for his below-average intellect, Goku reminded Frieza that strength and intelligence mean nothing when you use them for evil.

1. “It’s Over 9,000!” – Prince Vegeta

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Arguably one of the most popular and beloved quotes of all time, this moment has been ingrained in the minds of Dragon Ball fans all over the world for decades. The battle against Vegeta and Nappa was one of the most important battles in Goku’s life. His training with King Kai elevated his power to a level unheard of at the time.

At first, Vegeta underestimated him, as the prince saw Goku as nothing more than an inconvenience for Nappa to eliminate. When our hero powered up to show his enemies how much trouble they were in, Vegeta had no other choice but to admit that he was wrong. 9,000 units of power may not be impressive nowadays, but back then, this was proof that Goku was the strongest.

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