All Spy x Family Arcs in Order

A guide to the world of Spy X Family

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Spy X Family is arguably one of the most successful franchises of recent years. This success is in part due to the thrilling and captivating story that its creator, Tatsuya Endo, came up with for the series. Even when nothing significant is occurring in the story, it can still keep the viewers’ attention with its whimsical and wholesome moments.

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However, as the years have passed, the story of the series has expanded quite a bit. It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the series, as many events have taken place. To help fans who want to learn more about the plot of the franchise, we have created a list of all Spy X Family arcs in order.

A List of all Spy X Family Arcs

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The list below has been created to make it easier for fans to know which chapter and episodes compose each arc in Spy X Family. From the introduction of Agent Twilight and his mission, Operation Strix, to the most recent events in the manga, every event is listed below. This way, you can know exactly where to begin each arc, in case you want to enjoy certain moments in the series on their own.

ArcManga ChapterAnime Episodes
Introduction ArcChapters 1 and 2Episodes 1 and 2
Admission Interview ArcChapters 3 to 6Episodes 3 to 5
Eden Beginnings ArcChapters 7 to 10Episodes 6 and 7
Secret Police ArcChapters 11 to 14Episodes 8 and 9
Stella Star ArcChapters 15 to 17, Short Missions 1 and 4, & Extra Mission 1Episodes 10 to 12
Doggy Crisis ArcChapters 18 to 23Episodes 13 to 15
Midterms Exams ArcChapters 24 to 28 & Short Missions 2 and 5Episodes 16 to 19
Campbelldon Tennis ArcChapters 29 to 35 & Short Mission 3Episodes 20 to 24
Imperial Scholars Mixer ArcChapters 36 to 42, Short Mission 7, & Extra Mission 2Episodes 24 to 28
Cruise Adventure ArcChapters 43 to 57Noy yet animated
W.I.S.E ArcChapters 58 to 63Not yet animated
Friendship Schemes ArcChapters 64 to 68Not yet animated
Red Circus ArcChapters 69 to 78Not yet animated
Mole Hunt ArcChapters 82 to 88Not yet animated

What is Currently Happening in the Franchise?

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The second season of the Spy X Family anime adaptation was released during the October 2023 season. This new season will depict the events of the Cruise Adventure arc, in which Yor will act as the main character. This is one of the most thrilling and action-packed arcs in the entire series, and fans are extremely excited to see what Wit Studio will do with it.

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The manga is ending the Mole Hunt arc, which has been both incredibly enjoyable to read and anxiety-inducing. In my opinion, this is one of the most tense events in the manga, as it saw Loid not only fighting for his life but also about to be discovered as a spy. Fans will not want to miss the amazing content that Spy X Family has to offer them at the moment!

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