10 Best Anime like ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’

These shows perfectly capture the essence of The Seven Deadly Sins

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The Seven Deadly Sins is an anime that has left its mark on the world as one of the most memorable shows of its genre. Meliodas, Elizabeth, and the rest of the characters that inhabit its world have given fans emotional, hilarious, and action-packed moments.

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Sadly, with the show already over, fans of the series have been left searching for another anime to watch. Below, we have compiled a list of the 10 best anime with similar premises to The Seven Deadly Sins for anyone looking for a new watching experience.

Best Shows Like The Seven Deadly Sins

The shows selected for this list were chosen because their characters greatly resembled Meliodas and his team in The Seven Deadly Sins. They also tend to have unique power systems, with each character having characteristic abilities that no one else possesses.

10. Trinity Seven

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When the sun stopped shining over the planet, a tragedy known as the Breakdown Phenomenon destroyed the hometown of our hero Arata. The young man survived miraculously thanks to a grimoire given to him by his cousin Hijiri. This book gave Arata the power to create a fantasy world in which he and his town were never afflicted by the phenomenon.

Lilith, a magic student tasked with investigating the incident, brings Arata out of the fantasy and threatens to kill him if he does not give her the grimoire. Instead, the boy joins her as a student of Royal Biblia Academy, where he meets Lilith’s six powerful classmates, the Trinity Seven. An exciting show with a group of seven powerful warriors like The Seven Deadly Sins.

9. Fairy Tail

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Lucy dreamed about becoming a member of the famed Fairy Tail guild since she was small. One day, as she is looking for another magical item she can use, she comes across a young wizard named Natsu. At first, Lucy is annoyed at how loud and reckless her new friend can be, but she is impressed by how powerful Natsu is.

Shortly after, she learns that Natsu is a member of Fairy Tail and he can help her join the guild. So, a new chapter in Lucy’s life begins, with many friends and adventures awaiting her. Fairy Tail is a classic anime with an interesting and unique power system that will enchant The Seven Deadly Sins’ fans.

8. Yona of the Dawn

Screenshot: Studio Pierrot

For years, Yona grew up as the happy and carefree princess of a prosperous kingdom. Sadly, her life changed completely when her uncle betrayed her father, killed him, and exiled her from her home. She became a wanted criminal, having to run away from the place she called home with no other family to support her.

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Time has passed since that fateful day and Yona, now a trained warrior thirsting for revenge, is ready to return home and reclaim the throne that was stolen from her. Accompanied by her friends, the former princess will fight against her uncle’s army and find a way to take him down. The Seven Deadly Sins fans are sure to enjoy this exhilarating anime about adventure, love, and betrayal.

7. Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Screenshot: Studio Passione

Six heroes were prophesized to be chosen by the Goddesses when the Demon King rose once again. Adlet, a warrior who believes himself to be the strongest man alive, is looking to be chosen as one of the Braves of the Six Flowers. After many tribulations, he is selected, alongside Nashetania, a princess.

The duo begins their journey to the Land of the Howling Demons, where they meet their fellow heroes. Shockingly, once there, they discover that seven heroes have been selected, prompting the others to think Adlet is a fraud. An epic adventure about six intrepid heroes looking for a traitor among them that The Seven Deadly Sins fans should not miss out on.

6. Black Clover

Screenshot: Studio Pierrot

Asta is an orphan who lives in the Clover Kingdom, a magical land where many are born with the ability to control magic. Woefully, our hero is not one of them, as he cannot harness magic. Still, he dreams of becoming the most powerful warrior, the Wizard King. As such, he enrolls in the Black Bulls, a group of knights who fight to keep the kingdom safe.

Despite not having any magic ability, Asta has a powerful grimoire about Anti-magic, which grants him the ability to use this energy. With the help of his new allies and his best friend Yuno, a talented magic user, Asta’s quest to become the Wizard King will begin. This is another amazing and epic story that will give The Seven Deadly Sins fans hours of entertainment.

5. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

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In this world, nigh-omnipotent beings known as Magi are tasked with finding a worthy individual to become a king. The Magi are there to guide them as they create a nation powerful enough to rule the world. The kings are also challenged with investigating and conquering labyrinths known as Dungeons, each with the power of djinn dwelling inside.

 A young Magi, Aladdin, is traveling the world accompanied by his mentor Ugo in search of a king. He finds Alibaba, a young warrior who catches his eye due to his enormous potential. After helping the young man defeat a Dungeon, the trio embarks on an adventure to create a powerful nation. A mystical adventure that will remind fans about the journey of Meliodas and his friends.

4. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

Screenshot: Studio Diomedéa

Bored with how normal their lives are despite having been blessed with psychic powers, Izayoi, Asuka, and You dream about having an adventure. Their prayers seem to have been answered when they receive a letter inviting them to a place called Little Garden. Once they arrive there, they are met by Kurosagi, a young woman who explains their role in this new world.

The trio was invited to participate in a game for the fate of Little Garden. They will need to join a community and help them achieve victory over others by winning fights and gaining new lands. Kurosagi, who just recently lost a previous game against a demon lord, asks her new friends to help her regain what was hers. This anime is both hilarious and action-packed, like the adventures of our heroes in Liones.

3. One Piece

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Ever since he was little, all Luffy ever wanted was to become a pirate and find the legendary One Piece. When he becomes 15 years old, he takes to the sea, armed with nothing but his straw hat and his Gum-Gum Fruit abilities. Luffy ate a strange Devil Fruit as a child that granted him the power to stretch his body at will.

Along the way, he will meet new allies, like the dangerous swordsman Zoro, who will help him in his dream of becoming the Pirate King. However, he will have to battle against the Marines, the military force tasked with keeping the status quo and hunting pirates. A classic anime that will not disappoint fans of Meliodas who have not given it a chance yet.

2. Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Screenshot: J.C. Staff

Bel is a young adventurer who struggles during quests due to his status as a newbie. One day, as he is exploring the Dungeon, he comes face to face with a Minotaur, a monster vastly stronger than him. He is saved by the famed adventurer Ainz, a beautiful young woman who instantly captivates Bel.

This near-death experience awakens something in Bel, who is informed by Hestia, the goddess to whom he swore loyalty, that he has awakened a mysterious ability. Our hero begins a journey that he could have never imagined, filled with danger, romance, and many hidden enemies. If you want another powerful protagonist with special and unique abilities like Meliodas, this is the show for you.

1. Hunter X Hunter

Screenshot: Studio Madhouse

Gon has grown up with stories about his father being an amazing Hunter. He knows everything about how the man fights monsters and criminals who threaten the safety of humanity. The boy is determined to become a Hunter and find his father, so he can finally fight alongside him. Once he becomes old enough, he leaves his house behind to participate in the Hunter Exams.

As he travels to his destination, he meets new friends like Killua, a young assassin who wishes to prove how strong he is. Nonetheless, new enemies will also try to prevent Gon from fulfilling his dream, forcing him to become stronger quickly. Fans of Nakaba Susuki’s story will truly enjoy the adventures Hunter X Hunter has to offer.

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