10 Best Fighters In Tokyo Revengers, Ranked

You do not want to fight these characters.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Tokyo Revengers is among the most impressive Shonen anime, as their amazing fighters do not have any kind of special abilities to help them in combat. Thanks to this, most of the fights in the show are grounded in reality, giving fans a real spectacle of raw strength and martial arts.

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However, among the various gangs that call Japan their home, only a few individuals stand at the top as the strongest and most capable fighters. Despite not having special powers, these fighters could be a hard opponent to face for even seasoned combatants. Below, we have ranked the best fighters in the Tokyo Revengers anime.

Beware of spoilers for Tokyo Revengers.

A Ranking of the Most Capable Fighters in Tokyo Revengers

Each of the fighters selected for this list is the most coordinated, agile, resilient, and strongest in the series. They have accomplished seemingly impossible goals, like defeating entire groups of enemies on their own or surviving attacks that would have killed a regular person. They were ranked based on their feats, time on screen, and the strength they demonstrated in the show.

10. Taiju Shiba

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The main antagonist of the Christmas Showdown Arc and one of the most terrifying opponents in Tokyo Revengers. Taiju is a large young man who loves inflicting fear into the hearts of his opponents. He is cruel and relentless, not caring about anyone but himself, even if they are his siblings.

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Taiju’s physic, as well as his desire to cause pain, turned him into a nigh-unstoppable fighting machine. He could fight against several Toman members without even breaking a sweat. Yet, when he was confronted with Mikey, Taiju went down almost immediately, proving how much weaker he was than the real powerhouses of the show.

9. Angry

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Angry is one of the most difficult Toman members to forget, not only for his unique hair but also for his unchanging facial expression. He received his nickname for his permanent frown and angry demeanor. Under normal circumstances, he is a great fighter, but he is nowhere near the level of people like Baji.

Still, when his emotions take control and he starts crying, his true power is released. While he cries, Angry’s strength increases immensely. During this time, he can swiftly take down opponents who would have previously beaten him without an issue. Woefully, since his strength only increases while he cries, his effectiveness in combat decreases exponentially.

8. Keisuke Baji

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Out of all the members of Toman, none of them inspired as much confidence in his subordinates as the First Division Captain, Keisuke Baji. Since he was young, Baji wanted to become a strong person who could defend his loved ones. When the Tokyo Manji Gang was founded, Baji immediately rose to the top, proving to be both a strong and dependable leader.

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He could defeat entire groups of enemies without receiving a single hit, as seen when he save Chifuyu from a rival gang. He was also resilient enough to keep going after receiving serious injuries, like his stab wound during the fight against Valhalla. Sadly, he died early in the series, meaning that we did not get to see him at his full potential.

7. Kanji Mochizuki

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The Tenjiku gang has many imposing members among their ranks, with Kanji being one of the most notable. This gigantic delinquent relies on his size and strength to maintain his spot as one of Tenjiku’s Heavenly Kings. While most of his comrades fight for the honor of their gang, Kanji does so because he loves encountering strong opponents.

We have seen Kanji dispose of opponents with a single hit, a feat not easy to achieve against delinquents who are used to fighting. He also has incredible stamina and resilience, being able to receive several powerful hits and not go down. Nonetheless, he is aware that there are stronger adversaries out there, like his gang leader Izana whom he respects for being so powerful.

6. Shion Madarame

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Besides Izana, there is only a member of Tenjiku whose cruelty can cause even his fellow gang members to fear him, Shion. This ruthless young man has a long history as a gang member, being a former leader of the 9th Generation Black Dragon Gang.

Shion is not only cruel but he is also an outstanding fighter who can defeat many rival gang members in a couple of minutes. Lamentably, he is arrogant to a fault, believing himself to be superior to all his opponents. This arrogance has caused him to underestimate opponents who end up defeating him despite being weaker.

5. Ran Haitani

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The oldest of the Haitani brothers is perhaps the dirtiest fighter in all of Tokyo Revengers. For Ran, nothing is more important than defeating his opponents, no matter the cost or the consequences. He is known for fighting using secret weapons or by sneakily attacking unassuming opponents.

Ran does not seem to respect anyone but his brother and his Tenjiku superiors, Izana and Kakucho. He shows this lack of consciousness by mocking his opponents once they have been defeated, even those who have been gravely injured. Nevertheless, when confronted by more capable fighters, his weapons tend to be useless, leaving him vulnerable to their attacks.  

4. Kakucho Hitto

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When he was a child, Kakucho saw Takemichi as his hero, someone he aspired to be like when he grew up. This admiration fueled his desire to become a strong fighter with no fear of facing powerful opponents. A few years before the beginning of the Tenjiku Arc, Kakucho joined Izana’s gang, quickly rising through the ranks and becoming a Heavenly King.

Currently, Kakucho has vastly surpassed his former Hero, Takemichi, and almost all other fighters in the show. Kakucho is not only capable of knocking down entire divisions of rival gangs on his own, but he also has a resistance greatly superior to the average. Even so, Kakucho is aware of his limits, which is why he admires Izana, whom he considers his superior in combat.

3. Ken Ryuguji

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Draken, who acts as the vice president of the organization, is a fearsome fighter whose name inflicts terror on Japan’s delinquents. Draken is a young man who commands respect and admiration, even from his enemies. He is loyal, intelligent, and determined, all qualities that he displays during his fights.

Unlike most other Toman members, Draken fights using a mix of raw strength and strategy. Thanks to this, few delinquents can face Draken and leave the conflict conscious. What is more, Draken has also proven that he can fight even after receiving life-threatening wounds. But, even someone as powerful as Draken is aware that some fighters are far beyond his power.

2. Izana Kurokawa

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The S-62 Generation was a gang that ruled and terrorized part of Japan, all thanks to the cruelty of their leader, Izana Kurokawa. Once an adoptive member of the Sano family, Izana grew resentful of Mikey for being Shinichiro’s favorite. This anger turned into hatred, which led Izana down a dark path.

Izana wants nothing more in this world than to end Mikey’s life, proving himself his superior. To achieve his goal he trained until he became one of the most feared delinquents in Japan. Izana is known for his agile fighting style, powerful attacks, and ruthlessness during combat. Although, as proven by their battle during the Tenjiku Arc, Izana is still not capable of defeating Mikey.

1. Manjiro Sano

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Better known as The Invincible Mikey, Manjiro is the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. At first glance, Manjiro may seem to be a reckless young man who does not look intimidating. Still, you should not be deceived by his appearance, as Mikey is a professional martial artist who has trained since he was a child.

Better known as The Invincible Mikey, Manjiro is the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. At first glance, Manjiro may seem to be a reckless young man who does not look intimidating. Still, you should not be deceived by his appearance, as Mikey is a professional martial artist who has trained since he was a child.

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