10 Best Hairstyles in Tokyo Revengers, Ranked

These Tokyo Revengers characters know how to style their hairs

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Tokyo Revengers is a series filled to the brim with eccentric and unique delinquents. As such, each character that gets introduced has something distinctive about them, most of the time their stylish hairstyles. The franchise has everything from long-flowing locks to styles that look straight out of a fashion magazine.

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However, not every character has a hairstyle as iconic and voguish as others. A select few individuals have caused readers to either envy their hair or make them swoon just by seeing them. Below, we will discuss the best hairstyles found in the Tokyo Revengers franchise.

Beware of minor spoilers for Tokyo Revengers.

These Tokyo Revengers Characters Have the Most Incredible Hairstyles

10. Haruchiyo Akashi

Screenshot: LIDENFILMS

Better known as Sanzu, Haruchiyo is one of Mikey’s oldest friends and Toman’s Fifth Division’s Vice-Captain. He often wears a mask over his face to hide the scar he has on each side of his mouth. His hair is slightly pink in the manga but it is depicted as a soft blonde in the anime.

While Sanzu’s hairstyle is not as extravagant as others, his natural hair color and its silky looks make it one of the most iconic in the series. It looks as if Sanzu is constantly taking care of his hair, given that it almost reaches his hips, a feat that is not easy to achieve.

9. Ryusei Satou

Image: Ken Wakui / Kodansha

A character exclusive to the spin-off series Letters from Keisuke Baji, Ryusei is the former Vice-Captain of Toman’s First Division. He was also a founding member of the terrifying gang Yotsuda Kaidan. Ryusei is a young man who likes looking his best, even when he is about to fight his adversaries.

As such, he sports a stylish and distinctive hairstyle that greatly accentuates his blonde hair. His pink hair looks messy and stylish at the same time, with some black highlights decorating it. Not only does this hairstyle go perfectly with his personality and style, but it is also distinctive, making it hard for fans to forget.

8. Izana Kurokawa

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The main antagonist of the Third Season of Tokyo Revengers, Izana is the captain of Tenjiku and the eight-generation Black Dragon Gangs. He is an authoritative figure who likes feeling superior to others. Due to his past, Izana grew into a cold and cruel person, who cared about no one but himself.

While Izana is not a good person, we cannot deny that he has a good fashion sense. His iconic white hair was constantly seen in a down cut, split in the middle. Not only did this style complement his facial features, but it also looked amazing when combined with Tenjiku’s red robes.

7. Hajime Kokonoi

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Koko is an interesting character who never remained loyal to a single gang, serving as the monetary consultant for various criminal groups. As long as he could get something out of working with a gang, Koko would accept the offer without hesitation.

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He also has one of the most stylish and unique hairstyles in the entire franchise. His hair is split in two, with one side sporting long locks of black hair and the other being shaved and riddled with thin hairless lines. Unlike most characters, Koko maintained this haircut throughout most of the series, even in the future.

6. Takashi Mitsuya

Screenshot: Ken Wakui / Kodansha

Toman’s Second Division Captain is a young man who has always aspired to be a fashion designer in the future. He is the one who designed most of the Toman Gang uniforms we saw throughout the series. He has a keen eye for detail and is always looking for ways to improve his fashion style and designs.

When the series began, he had a simple shortcut hair that did not stand out a lot. However, near the end, his hairstyle changed completely, becoming a fashionable sidecut. This style allowed Mitsuya’s interest in fashion to truly shine, as it is one of the best hairstyles in the series.

5. Shuji Hanma (Future)

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Known in the gang world as the God of Death for his brutal fighting style and merciless attitude, Hanma was a major antagonist throughout the Tokyo Revengers franchise. He is Kisaki’s right-hand man, following his friend wherever he goes.

As a youngster, Hanma was more preoccupied with fighting than looking good, which is why his hair was in a simple spike shape, dyed blonde in the middle. In the timeline in which he and Kisaki took over Toman, Hanma revealed his true sense of fashion, now wearing his hair in an uneven sidecut with golden highlights that give him a more relaxed and mature look.

4. Manjiro Sano

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Toman’s leader and the strongest fighter in the series, Mikey is one of the main characters in Tokyo Revengers. He is a calm and adventurous young man who loves fighting strong opponents. As the leader of Toman, Mikey can sometimes be stubborn and rude, but everyone in the gang knows that he truly cares for them.

Mikey has worn his hair in two distinctive styles throughout the series. The first is his iconic tied-top hairstyle, which gave him a wild but respectable look. As an adult He let his hair flow freely, splitting it in the middle.

3. Keisuke Baji

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Few characters in this franchise seem to take such good care of their hair as Keisuke Baji. The First Division Captain is a natural-born fighter, who gets easily bored and likes to add excitement to his life. The gang members under his orders knew that they could always count on Baji to keep them safe.

Baji’s hairstyle seldom changed in the franchise, only tying it at school or before a fight. During his daily life, Baji’s hairstyle consisted of long and wavy locks of black hair that would rest over his shoulders. His hairstyle may look simple, but it has a shine and a movement that reflects how much Baji cares for his appearance.

2. Chifuyu Matsuno

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Takemichi’s most loyal companion and the Second Division Vice-Captain, Chifuyu is a serious and strong-headed young man who wishes to be a part of a gang. Matsuno is very disciplined when it comes to Toman and takes his role as the vice-captain very seriously.

He is also a very stylish individual, arguably one of the best-dressed characters in the entire franchise. As such, he also has an incredibly fashionable hairstyle, with locks that reach to his eyes, dyed blonde on the top. His style is unique and looks amazing when combined with his usual sweatshirt and earrings.

1. Kazutora Hanemiya

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A founding member of the Tokyo Manji gang and the Third Division Captain of Valhalla, Kazutora is a fan-favorite character for his style and personality. Despite his unhinged behavior, Kazutora is a friendly and energetic young man who would not let anything or anyone stand in the way of his goals.

His particular hairstyle consists of a wolf cut with a bang covering his left eye. His hair is also sprinkled with blonde highlights that give it a wild and eccentric air. Without a doubt, Kazutora has an amazing insight into what hairstyles look cool and fashionable.

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