Best Story Arcs in Tokyo Revengers, Ranked

Which story lines in Tokyo Revengers are the best?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Tokyo Revengers is a franchise that has been getting more and more attention from fans who love the world and characters created by Ken Wakui. Even after the manga has been finished, audiences are still enjoying everything the franchise has to offer, as well as the anime adaptation created by LIDENFILMS.

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Still, not every arc that the series has to offer holds the same amount of love from fans as others. Below, you will find a ranking of the best arcs in Tokyo Revengers, from the least enjoyable to the ones fans love the most.

Beware spoilers for Tokyo Revengers.

A Ranking of the Best Arcs in Tokyo Revengers

This ranking takes into account how well-received each arc in the franchise was, as well as how relevant the events that took place were to the story. It also takes into account the opinions that fans have formed around them throughout the years.

8. Bonten Arc

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With Kisaki having been dealt with, Takemichi went back to the future to enjoy a happy life with his friends by his side. He even got Hina to agree to marry him in a few months. Sadly, not everyone was there to relax with our hero, as Mikey was nowhere to be seen. Takemichi later discovered that after Toman was disbanded in the past, Manjiro fell into his dark desires and became a criminal.

While this arc began with one of the happiest moments in the franchise, most fans disliked how it quickly became stale. Not much occurred during the few chapters that composed this arc, and many consider the reveal of Mikey becoming the villain to not be well executed. This is almost universally considered the weakest arc in Tokyo Revengers.

7. Kanto Manji Arc

Image: Ken Wakui / Kodansha / Kodansha USA

The final arc of the entire series narrates the last battle between the Kanto Manji Gang and the second-generation Toman. This was Takemichi’s last attempt to save Mikey from his dark impulses and create a future where all his friends could be happy. Wakui also used this arc as an opportunity to explain many mysteries of the franchise, like the origin of Takemichi’s time leap powers.

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Unfortunately, this arc ended up being a disappointment for many fans, who were unhappy with the direction the creator took. Many questions were left unanswered and a large portion of the fanbase believes that the arc felt rushed. While this arc had various moments that made it more enjoyable than the Bonten arc, it is still among the worst-rated by fans.

6. Three Deities Arc

Image: Ken Wakui / Kodansha / Kodansha USA

After Mikey asked him to save him in the past, Takemichi traveled back to his high school days determined to change the future that awaited his friend. He was recruited by Brahman, a gang created to defeat Mikey and his Kanto Manji Gang. However, another threat loomed on the horizon, as the Rokuhara Tandai gang was also trying to fight Brahman.

Fans enjoyed this arc to a certain extent, given the great fight scenes it contains and the shocking revelations that occurred. Nonetheless, it also had many moments that fans consider unnecessary, like Draken’s death. The final battle between the three gangs left many disappointed, as fans considered it was too short and lacked excitement.

5. Toman Arc

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The arc that started it all, introduced not only the main character of the series but also the premise that the manga would follow moving forward. This arc gave fans some entertaining battles and allowed them to familiarize themselves with the cast of the series before the serious events in the series took place.

While the Toman arc is not as thrilling as others, fans are very fond of it, as without it there would be no Tokyo Revengers. Nevertheless, it did suffer from a few problems, mainly the pacing, which can feel slow at times.

4. Moebius Arc

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During this arc, fans got to know how serious Tokyo Revengers could get for the first time. A new gang named Moebius was looking to overtake Toman and get rid of their leaders. Due to this, a war between the two organizations began, with serious injuries occurring to both sides. The most shocking moment was seeing Draken almost die after being ambushed by Moebius members.

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This event came out of nowhere for most fans, who did not expect the series to almost kill one of their main characters so early. While the fights were extremely enjoyable, they could not produce the same impact on the audience that future confrontations created. Even so, the Moebius arc is among the most beloved entries in the franchise.  

3. Black Dragon Arc

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Also known as the Christmas Showdown arc, this arc has a special place in the hearts of fans for the significant character development that Takemichi and his friends went through. When a new generation of the feared Black Dragon gang attacks Toman, it is up to our protagonist and his friends to stop them, while discovering a dark family secret that a fellow delinquent is hiding.

It was this arc that saw Takemichi become a determined fighter who would not abandon his friends no matter how hurt or afraid he was. His fight against Taiju was brutal but significant, proving that he was no longer the same man who gave up on the original timeline. Lamentably, the arc could not compare in terms of drama and plot progression that the best arcs had.

2. Valhalla Arc

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Our hero is finally making some progress in figuring out how to save the future. Yet, Mikey’s decision to let Kisaki join Toman as the third-division captain complicates things once again. If that was not enough, the dangerous Valhalla Gang has declared war against Toman and the once-thought-loyal Baji has decided to join the enemy.

The Valhalla arc is by far one of the most enjoyable moments in all of Tokyo Revengers. The events of this period completely changed the trajectory of the franchise by not only forcing Takemichi to work with his greatest enemy but also by killing Baji. It is an incredibly well-thought-out arc that is funny and serious whenever needed. Although, there is one more storyline that most fans consider to be superior.

1. Tenjiku Arc

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Without a doubt one of the most brutal and heart-wrenching moments in the entire series, fans hail the Tenjiku arc as one of Wakui’s best ideas. Without warning, the ruthless Tenjiku gang starts attacking Toman members, all under the orders of their leader Izana. Takemichi lost his ability to travel to the future, as Naoto is now dead in that timeline.

To make matters more difficult, it seems that Kisaki and Izana have joined forces to destroy Mikey and everyone he loves. Not only did this arc have some of the most beautifully choreographed fights but it also contained unexpected casualties. Mikey’s little sister, Emma, was killed by Kisaki in an attempt to break the Toman leader’s spirit.

Later on, the previously mentioned villain ended up dead after a truck ran him over, which no one expected. The impact this arc left on fans was so significant that many fans believe the series should have ended after the battle between Tenjiku and Toman was concluded.

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