Demon Slayer Season 3 Finale: Episode 11 Release Date and Time

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by J.R. Waugh
Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11 Finale Release
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Demon Slayer Season 3 has been the shortest so far but focused on an impressive story arc that spans a grueling, bloody night in the series. Despite this, the anime has had a 49-minute premiere, and it sounds like we’re getting a 70-minute Season 3 finale. Here’s everything you need to know about the Demon Slayer Season 3 finale, with the release date of Episode 11!

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11 is 70 Minutes Long; Here’s When It Releases

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11 will release on Sunday, June 18, 2023. It will be available to watch at 10:35 AM PT / 12:35 PM CT / 1:35 PM ET on Crunchyroll, with a later release likely for Netflix subscribers. The episode will be 70 minutes long and concludes the Swordsmith Village Arc.

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For those living outside the above time zones and who want to catch the episode as it drops, you’re in luck! We’ve got you covered with this handy time zone guide you can consult for the release date of the Demon Slayer Season 3 finale!

Time ZoneRelease Time
Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver)10:35 AM PST
Central Time (Chicago, Regina)12:35 PM CST
Eastern Time (New York, Toronto)1:35 PM EST
Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton)2:35 PM AST
Brazil (Brasília Time)2:35 PM BST
UK and Ireland6:35 PM GMT
Europe7:35 PM CEST
Moscow8:35 PM MSK
India11:05 PM IST

In the latest episode, Mitsuri’s past is on full display as we approach the end of this brutal night fight against 2 of the deadly Upper Ranks.

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We see firsthand just how fast and strong Mitsuri is, defending Tanjiro, Genya, and Nezuko as they seek out Hantengu. Defeating him will end the onslaught, but it’s been a perilous task so far. Despite this, the episode concludes as Nezuko jumps in for the apparent killing blow.

In Episode 11 of Demon Slayer, fans won’t have to wait much longer for this fight to conclude. Nezuko gets close to achieving the kill, but Tanjiro eventually slays the enemy with the help of Muichiro. And remember that sword that was being sharpened for basically half the season? That’s the weapon tossed to Tanjiro to do the deed.

While the pacing of this season is certainly rough, it’s been an exciting one to watch and fans are eager to see this latest chapter of the Demon Slayer saga come to a close.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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