Does Emma Die in Tokyo Revengers?

What happened to Mikey's little sister?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Emma Sano is one of the sweetest and most loveable characters in the Tokyo Revengers franchise. Despite her initial mocking attitude towards Takemichi, she became one of his biggest supporters, always helping and giving him advice during harsh times.

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Sadly, Ken Wakui’s manga is known for killing fan-favorite characters in shocking and devastating ways. This has caused many new fans of the series to ask if Emma is one of the unfortunate individuals who met a tragic end. Below, you will find all the information to answer if Emma dies in Tokyo Revengers.

Beware of spoilers for Tokyo Revengers.

Is Emma Alive in Tokyo Revengers?

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Emma is, unfortunately, one of the many characters who perished throughout the Tokyo Revengers story. She was killed by Kisaki and Hanma, who drove by her and Takemichi at high speeds and hit her on the head with a metal pipe. This caused her a mortal wound on the side of the head, which killed her almost immediately.

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Her death is one of the major causes behind Mikey allowing his dark impulses to take control of him in the future. Takemichi could not do anything to save her, as Emma died during a time in which the protagonist could not travel back in time again. While the Sano sister stayed dead for a large portion of the story, she was ultimately revived when Takemichi and Mikey rewrote the entire timeline.

How did Emma’s Death Affect Others?

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Mikey and Draken were the two most broken by Emma’s death. The former blamed himself for allowing his precious little sister to die, feeling like he broke the promise to take care of her. Draken, who was not so secretly in love with her, went into a rage, blaming Mikey for what occurred to Emma. The two had a brief fight, which Takemichi had to stop before Draken severely harmed Mikey.

However, the repercussions of her death were better appreciated once Miley joined the fight against Tenjiku. Manjiro did not want to lose anyone else, so he tried to reason with Izana and remind him that they were family. Unfortunately, when Izana was killed by Kisaki, this only sent Mikey further down the dark path he was already traversing.

How did Emma Come Back to Life?

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During the final battle between Takemichi and Mikey, the former gave Manjiro the power to leap back in time. Unaware of this, Mikey was transported into his childhood body with all of the memories of his teenage self.

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The young boy realized that this was a chance to change every mistake he ever made and create a future where everyone was happy. Thanks to this, Emma and many other individuals who died as the series progressed were given a happy ending. It is implied in the last chapter of the manga that Emma and Draken finally got together during this timeline.

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