Is Draken Dead in Tokyo Revengers?

What happened with Tokyo Revengers' Draken?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The Cast of Tokyo Revengers has no shortage of charming, powerful, and relatable characters whom the fandom adores. One of the most popular ones is none other than the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang himself, Draken. Fans admire Ken for his confidence, amazing fighting skills, and his loyalty to those he loves.

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Sadly, this loyalty has caused him to have near-death experiences on more than one occasion throughout the series. Fans fear that Draken’s luck will one day run out and he will find his bitter end. Below, you can find all the information needed to answer if Draken is dead in Tokyo Revengers.

Beware of spoilers for Tokyo Revengers.

Has Draken Died in Tokyo Revengers?

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While Draken has not been killed permanently in the Tokyo Revengers anime, he has been confirmed to have died several times in different timelines. He has either been killed by rival delinquents like Kisaki when he took control of Toman or has been sentenced to death for his crimes. Fortunately for anime fans, Takemichi has been able to prevent those dark futures.

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Woefully, manga fans are aware that Draken did indeed stay dead for a long time in the series. He was killed during the Three Deities Arc when he stood in front of Takemichi to save his friend from a rain of bullets. Still, once Takemichi and Mikey went back to the past for the last time, they were able to prevent Draken’s death along with most others that occurred in the franchise.

Was Draken Destined to Die?

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Months before the death of Draken occurred in the Tokyo Revengers manga, fans believed that its creator, Ken Wakui, was already planning to kill the character. The fandom believed that it was no coincidence that in almost all future timelines Draken was already dead or about to be killed. It seemed that no matter what Takemichi did, he could not save his friend from this horrific event.

The fandom’s concern for Draken’s safety increased when the Three Deities Arc began. Takemichi had no means to travel forward in time, as Mikey was now his enemy and he needed to shake his hand to activate his power. If something occurred to Draken, he would not be able to prevent it.

This is exactly what happened, and while the event still shocked fans, many others had already resigned themselves to the fact that Draken was going to die. In my opinion, it seems like Wakui was giving hints about Ken’s fate since the first time Takemichi traveled to the future. Nonetheless, fans can rejoice in the fact that Mikey and Takemichi were able to give Draken and their friends a happy ending in the end.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2023

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