Does Loid End Up With Fiona in Spy x Family?

Could Nightfall lure Twilight away from the Forger family in Spy x Family?

by Drew Kopp
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Since Fiona Frost, aka Nightfall, marched briskly onto the scene in Spy x Family, the Ostenian secret agent has had only one goal: to get together with Loid Forger, aka Twilight. This has led many Spy x Family fans to wonder whether Fiona can successfully convince Loid to renounce his false marriage with Yor and pursue a romance with her. Here’s whether or not Loid will end up with Fiona in Spy x Family.

Could Nightfall End Up With Twilight?

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Spy x Family is a series that takes every opportunity to spice the Forger family’s dynamic up with some wholesome melodrama. Fiona’s introduction added some romantic tension to the series, as she was immediately positioned as a romantic rival to Yor. As a high-ranking Ostenian intelligence operative, Fiona is shown to be Loid’s physical and mental equal. There’s also the fact that Fiona is aware of Loid’s mission, giving her a much deeper insight into the depth of Loid’s character than Yor currently has.

However, while Spy x Family fans would love to see Fiona end up with Loid, the two are not as compatible as they may appear at first glance. Although “Twilight” was the one who taught Fiona that she had to suppress her emotions to become a capable spy, it’s clear that Yor and Anya’s presence in his life is causing him to embrace his Loid persona more and more. Fiona herself witnessed how much Loid’s time as the head of the Forger family had changed him in Spy x Family Chapter 85 when he confessed that he spared Yor’s brother, Yuri, even though he is the greatest threat to Operation Strix’s success.

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Who Else Could Nightfall End Up With?

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While the odds of Fiona ending up with Loid are astronomically low, she could find happiness with someone else. One of the most likely potential romantic partners for Fioan is Franky Franklin, Loid’s longtime associate. In Spy x Family Chapter 60, Fiona and Franky are forced to work together to gather vital intel, and Fiona finds herself impressed by Franky’s cunning. By the end of the chapter, she admits that she would like to work with Franky again, expressing a degree of respect that she usually reserves for Loid.

If Fiona does decide to abandon her pursuit of the man she only ever refers to as Twilight, it probably won’t happen until the end of Spy x Family. Fiona’s borderline maniacal obsession with winning Loid’s heart is a defining element of her character, so it’s unlikely that her pursuit will end until the curtain has started closing on the series.

- This article was updated on October 23rd, 2023

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