Does Nezuko Die in Demon Slayer? Explained

What was [spoiler]'s fate in Demon Slayer?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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One thing most fans of the Demon Slayer franchise can agree on is that Nezuko is among the most adorable and endearing characters. It is this affection that fans hold for her that makes many followers of the series scared of her dying.

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While the young woman holds an incredible amount of power and has survived many difficult battles, this does not mean she cannot be killed. Seeing as plenty of other beloved characters have perished as the series has progressed, fans still wonder if Nezuko will meet the same fate. Below is all the information needed to ask if Nezuko dies in Demon Slayer.

Beware of spoilers for Demon Slayer.

Is Nezuko Alive in Demon Slayer?

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Fortunately for fans of the young demon girl, Nezuko is not dead in either the manga or the anime adaptation. She has faced many life-threatening situations, as she often accompanies her brother to fight powerful and cruel demons. Still, she has only been in danger of dying a handful of times and has managed to come out alive every time.

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Fans were truly scared about her fate during the fight against Hantengu. To save Tanjiro, Nezuko went outside her box minutes before the sun would come out. As she was a demon at the time, the rays of the sun would have burned her alive. Cheerfully, she was not harmed by the sunlight and could live to keep accompanying her brother in his adventures.

How did Nezuko Survive the Sun?

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 While it has not been officially confirmed how Nezuko managed to step into the sunlight and remain unharmed, fans have many theories that could explain it. The first one is related to the Kamado’s family ability to use the Sun Breathing, one of the most powerful styles in the series. The young woman’s blood holds the power to use this technique and this could be the key to her immunity.

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Another theory states that Nezuko could have eaten Blue Spider Lily at some point during her childhood. This plant is extremely rare and many demons dream about finding it as it grants them the ability to walk under the sun. The Blue Spider Lily grew near Nezuko’s house, so she has likely eaten it at some point.

What Happened to Nezuko in the End?

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As Tanjiro and the other Demon Slayers fought Muzan, Nezuko was undergoing the process of becoming human again. While this transformation took a while to begin, she did indeed turn back to her original form by the time the evil Muzan was defeated.

She went on to live a normal life, marrying Zenitsu once she was of age. The two had a small but happy family, which was confirmed during the last chapters of the manga. A large portion of the fandom was not entirely happy with this ending, but at least they can happily say that Nezuko lived a happy and fulfilling life.

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