Is The Eminence in Shadow Manga Finished?

Is Cid's adventure over?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Most anime fans around the globe have heard about The Eminence in Shadow, a fresh take on the Isekai genre. While the series does utilize several tropes found in these kinds of anime, it does so in a unique way, which is why many fans love it so dearly.

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It is because of this fondness that so many fans have chosen to read the manga on which the series was based. Yet, this has caused many to ask if the manga has been concluded. Keep reading if you wish to know if The Eminence in Shadow manga version is finished.

The Eminence in Shadow Manga Status Explained

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As of October 2023, the manga version of The Eminence in Shadow has not been yet concluded. The original web novel that inspired the manga has been on hiatus since November 2022, as the author has been busy with other important projects. As long as the web novel is not concluded, the manga will not be able to finish the story.

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However, even if the web novel was not on hiatus, the manga would still have a long way to go before catching up to the web novel. Currently, the manga has 49 chapters, divided into 12 volumes. In my opinion, its fans will most likely enjoy the manga of The Eminence in Shadow for many years to come.

Will the Manga Be Adapted?

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Despite how difficult it was for some fans to stream the first season of the anime, The Eminence in Shadow is one of the most successful anime of the last couple of years. Fans greatly enjoy the intriguing and dark world of the series, as well as the charming and powerful characters that inhabit it.

Such a successful show is likely to continue for many more seasons, as has happened with many similar anime in the past. It may take a while for future seasons to be released, as the studio needs to keep the same quality fans love, but it is almost certain that they will be produced. Yet, until an official statement about this topic is not made, this is speculation and could change at any moment.

What is The Eminence in Shadow About?

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For most of the world, Kageno was nothing more than an ordinary, if a little lonely, high school student. In reality, our hero is a genius who has trained his whole life to become a hero like the ones found in manga and TV. Sadly, before he could achieve his dreams, he was killed by an oncoming truck.

Nonetheless, Kageno’s story is far from over, as the awakens in the body of a baby in a world where magic is real. Using his impressive intellect and the magic his new home has to offer, Kageno can finally achieve his dream of becoming the Eminence in Shadow. With the help of his loyal warriors, the organization known as Shadow Garden, he will keep the peace by any means necessary.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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