Is the Spy x Family Manga Finished?

Have the members of the Forger Family complete their mission?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Since it was first released, Spy x Family has been hailed as one of the most entertaining and heartwarming contemporary franchises. The adventures of the Forger Family and their wholesome albeit hilarious interactions have captivated fans for years.

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This is a comfort series for many anime and manga fans, who wish to see what Tatsuya Endo, the creator behind the manga, has in store for them. Still, many have yet to invest themselves in this franchise, which can lead them to ask if the manga has been finished already. If you are wondering this, keep reading to learn if the Spy x Family manga has been concluded.

Spy x Family Manga Status

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As of Oct. 2023, the Spy X Family manga has not yet been concluded. The story of the series is still ongoing, and there have not been any talks about ending it. Loid and Anya still have to find a way to get closer to Donovan, the main objective of Operation Strix. Until this occurs, it is hard to imagine the manga ending, as it would not be logical for the story Endo wants to tell.

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Many fans have also pointed out that the reveal of Loid and Yor’s jobs still has to take place. This has been one of the most anticipated moments in the franchise, as it has been teased since Anya’s parents met. Unless an official statement is made, it is safe to assume that the manga will continue being published. In my opinion, fans can relax, as it seems like we will have new content for many more years.

Will the Manga Be Adapted?

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The Spy x Family anime adaptation has managed to dominate the ratings every time a new season airs. It is without a doubt a massive hit, one that is not contained in Japan, as the show has become a worldwide phenomenon. This level of success is not often found, which is why it is almost certain that the anime will not be canceled any time soon.

Season 2 of the anime, which started airing in October 2023, will adapt the events of the Cruise Adventure Arc. These events are depicted in the manga from chapters 43 to 57. Currently, the manga has more than 80 chapters, and new ones are being released every two weeks. There are still many more adventures and hilarious jokes to be adapted into the anime.

- This article was updated on October 23rd, 2023

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