Netflix’s One Piece: Will Alvida and Buggy Join Forces In Season Two?

Two of Luffy's adversaries will join forces to take him down in Netflix's One Piece

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Netflix’s One Piece left viewers with many unanswered questions after their first season ended. One of the most pressing inquiries concerns two of Luffy’s previous adversaries, Buggy and Alvida. Although nothing is specified, it seems as if these two pirates joined forces to take revenge upon Luffy and his crew.

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After being defeated by Luffy, they both have reasons to want the Straw Hat Captain’s death. Does their reunion at the end of season one mark the beginning of their alliance? Keep reading to find out if Alvida and Buggy will join forces in Netflix’s One Piece.

Beware of major spoilers for One Piece.

Alvida and Buggy’s Alliance Will Play a Major Role In Netflix’s One Piece

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Despite not being the most powerful enemies in the original One Piece manga, Alvida and Buggy have been recurring adversaries of the Straw Hat for years. Shortly after the defeat of Arlong, the two aforementioned captains allied to take Luffy down. This alliance will cause many problems for Luffy and his friends in the Loguetown arc, which will likely be adapted in season two.

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They will be defeated once again, this time by the Marines, but this will not be the last time they will be featured. Alvida and Buggy’s alliance will evolve into Buggy’s Delivery, an organization that works against the World Government in the future.

What Are Alvida and Buggy’s Objectives?

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When their alliance is formed for the first time, both pirates wish to kill Luffy for having humiliated them in the past. Their principal goal is to capture the Straw Hat Captain and execute him in front of his crew. They are so determined to kill Luffy that they follow him into the Grand Line, despite the danger this poses to them.

During the Loguetown arc, they will get close to ending Luffy’s life, as they will be moments from decapitating their fellow pirate. However, they will not achieve their goal and will be subsequently defeated by Smoker, another major player in this arc.

Will They Be Featured in Other Arcs?


Alvida and Buggy’s alliance will continue being a part of Netflix’s One Piece for a while longer if the writers keep being loyal to their source material. Still, they will not always act as enemies of Luffy, as there have been many times at which Buggy and Luffy have become temporary allies.

At some point, Buggy will be recognized as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, a group of powerful pirates that works with the World Government. The clown will transform their organization into a mercenary organization called Buggy’s Delivery. Alvida will continue as a member of this group, but will no longer be a leading member.

After the Seven Warlords are abolished, Buggy will once again change his goals, creating Cross Guild, a Marine hunting organization that uses a bounty system similar to the World Government’s. He will join forces with two other major villains, Sir Crocodile, the leader of Baroque Works, and Mihawk, the swordsman who defeated Zoro.

- This article was updated on September 4th, 2023

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