Tokyo Revengers: Does Kisaki Time Travel?

Does Tetta has the same power as Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Kisaki is perhaps one of the most intriguing characters to appear in the Tokyo Revengers anime. He has been acting as the main antagonist throughout the show, always being the cause of Takemichi’s misfortunes in the future. Many fans wonder how is it possible for a single man to hold so much power throughout the different timelines shown in the anime.

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This has caused viewers to question if Kisaki is a time traveler like Takemichi, as this would explain how he knows exactly what to do to achieve his dream future. Still, the anime has neither confirmed nor denied Kisaki’s possible time-travel abilities. To clear the confusion this may cause, fans can find below everything they need to know to answer if Kisaki can time travel in Tokyo Revengers.

Beware of major spoilers for Tokyo Revengers.

Can Kisaki Leap Back in Time in Tokyo Revengers?

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While Tokyo Revengers’ anime adaptation may have hinted several times at the possibility of Kisaki being a time-leaper, he does not possess this ability. This was confirmed during the ending of the Tenjiku Arc in the original manga, where he is killed by an incoming truck while running away from Takemichi.

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Kisaki’s knowledge about time travel has never been fully explained in the manga, as he is unlikely to have ever spoken with the original time leaper. Nonetheless, he does play a role in the story of the ability, which will not be explained until the series’ final arc is adapted.

Why do Fans Believe Kisaki can Time Travel?

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Besides the fact that Kisaki has always seemed to know exactly how the future will work out for him, the young man has given fans many hints about his knowledge of this ability. He is obsessed with Takemichi, always trying to hurt the boy and make him suffer. During the final chapters of the Tenjiku arc, he outright asked our hero about his ability to travel back in time.

Hanma also made it clear that he had some sort of knowledge about the time travel power, which gave more weight to the theory about Kisaki possessing this skill. This caused fans to believe that he was also a time traveler, who used his abilities to gain control of Toman. Unfortunately for the young man, this was not the case, and he did not travel back in time after being hit by the truck.

How does Kisaki Know About Time Travel?

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One of the biggest mysteries left unsolved by Ken Wakui in his hit manga Tokyo Revengers is how many characters became aware of the existence of time travelers. Kisaki has always been presented as one of the characters who are aware of this ability, most likely having been informed by Hanma.

Shuji is a character who knows much more than he lets on, as seen when he confronts Takemichi in the future. Since he is Kisaki’s right-hand man, he would have informed him about his knowledge of the ability to time travel, as this would help them achieve their goals. However, this was never confirmed, and once Kisaki is killed this story is left behind, without a proper explanation.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2023

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