Who is the Traitor in Tokyo Revengers? Explained

Which Toman member betrayed his friends in Tokyo Revengers?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 left fans shocked by revealing the existence of a traitor inside the Tokyo Manji gang. Since this revelation, fans have been wondering who could be the one to betray their comrades and sell them out to Tenjiku. Everyone is a suspect at this point and with each moment that passes the uncertainty only becomes stronger.

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Sadly, there is still a long way to go before the anime reveals the identity of the traitor. For fans who cannot wait to know who the double agent is, we have compiled all the information needed to know who the traitor is in Tokyo Revengers, as well as what motivated them to betray their friends.

Beware of major spoilers for Tokyo Revengers.

The Identity of Tokyo Revengers’ Traitor Explained

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It may be a little underwhelming, but the Toman traitor is not one of the main characters. The identity of the traitor is none other than the Fifth Division Toman Captain Yasuhiro Muto. He is best known for being one of the Tokyo Manji members who suspected Takemichi of being a traitor. While he was a Toman member, he was secretly working with Izana to create a new gang. He is a founding member of Tenjiku.

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He will be revealed as the traitor at some point during season 3, as he will play a minor role in Izana’s plan to make Mikey and Toman suffer. After that, he will be seen only during a flashback, before one last present-day appearance where he will suffer the consequences of betraying Toman at the hands of Sanzu.

Why did Muto Betray Toman?

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Muto and Izana were both incarcerated at the same time, due to crimes they committed while younger. During this time, the duo and many other strong delinquents who were imprisoned with them created the S-62 Generation, a group of ruthless criminals who ruled over the prison. Muto was released before Izana, forcing him to search for other criminal groups to be a part of.

He ended up being a member of Toman, where he remained until news about Izana being released from prison was spread. Once his former leader was freed, Muto looked for him, helping him form a new gang, Tenjiku. He worked as an undercover spy to give Izana intel about Toman’s plans and weaknesses. Muto admires Izana more than anyone else, which is why he is only loyal to him.

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