10 Genshin Impact Crossovers That Need to Happen After Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn collab sparks debate about further Genshin Impact crossover events.

by Holly Alice
Genshin Impact Aloy PlayStation Crossover

After a surprise crossover with Horizon Zero Dawn, players have been speculating on what comes next. Here are our ideas for more Genshin Impact crossovers that need to come in the future!

Genshin Impact is one of today’s most popular games – releasing just one year ago, Genshin raked in an astounding 17 million downloads within four days of being released on mobile. Since then the game has grown non-stop and has added patches and updates every six weeks to satiate the desire of its players.

Since Genshin and miHoYo’s other games are not shy about collaborating and creating crossovers – it stands to reason that more will come in the future after the left-field entry of Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Aloy in the game. We assume that the crossover was to promote both Genshin Impact in the West and to gain more fans ahead of the release of Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West.

Breath of the Wild


Since day one, Genshin Impact has been endlessly compared to Nintendo’s smash hit, Breath of the Wild. The comparisons are not unfounded – the overworld of the two games look very similar, and the movement of some characters is almost too similar to Link (the climbing and sword smash into the ground are identical). It doesn’t stop there – three out of four Champions from BotW have had their signature abilities cloned – Daruk’s Protection, Urbosa’s Fury and Revali’s Gale have all evidently ‘inspired’ some moves in Genshin Impact.

Due to this, maybe Nintendo is wary, and may not want to collaborate with a game so similar to their immensely popular IP on the Nintendo Switch. We do know that a Switch version of Genshin is in development, so it could be that we will see a crossover as it releases. Ideally, Link would be released as a five-star Bow-wielding character, with either Cryo or Electo elemental abilities. Link could possess more than one melee weapon – as in the game he readily uses claymores, bows, short swords, and spears. While it would not be likely that Link would be a healer, he could do some masterful damage, and bring with him new costumes and weapons.

Persona 5


A big fan of crossovers and collaborations is Atlus’ runaway success: Persona 5. Having already released P5-themed content for games like Monkey Ball, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragalia Lost, and recently Sonic Forces, adding a Genshin Impact crossover to the list isn’t exactly far-fetched.

The movesets introduced in Persona 5: Strikers and the crossover with Dragalia Lost would work for Genshin. If there was to be a collaboration between the two, characters could appear as part of movesets or even a story related to another world. Persona 5 already features elementary, melee, and special attacks – the use of magic and similar combat (action-based and team-building) lends itself very well to the idea of combining the two.

While the most obvious choice to add would be protagonist Joker – another great idea would be Yusuke. His associated element in P5 is ice – and he uses a giant sword. This would make him a stand-out choice for a 4 star Cryo and sword user, whereas Joker would be harder to figure out a specific element and weapon for as he uses all elements in Persona (depending on which Persona’s you currently have), as well as a dagger and a gun for melee combat.

Nier: Automata


Nier: Automata is another game that, like Persona 5, does not shy away from doing collaborations with other companies. In 2021, skins for 2B were released on none other than Fall Guys. Because of this, it seems quite likely that a crossover could be on the cards. Genshin Impact champions female playable characters, so protagonist 2B would fit right in with the game’s established roster. Like Breath of the Wild, Nier: Automata was clearly one of the main influences behind Genshin. 2B’s combat animations were replicated for the character Noelle.

In terms of what could be brought to a Genshin Impact crossover, 2B would be a great melee fighter. Some players have already thought about it! While an element would not be particularly relevant to the Nier: Automata story, character 9S could also be brought in as a great support character. Even costumes or items – for a limited time – would be a great addition to the game.

 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Here’s an interesting idea: Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as a character in Genshin Impact. Hear us out for a second. To start, there have already been many instances of The Witcher that have been seen in other games, such as SoulCalibur VI, and Monster Hunter. So why not add something based on the grey-haired guy himself to Genshin? Or for a more fitting experience, Ciri?

In terms of the games, there are also some basic similarities: the Witcher Signs are based on elements, and there are various melee weapon choices available. Should Geralt be entered into the game, it would be wise to make him a Pyro and Sword wielder, reminiscent of the Igni sign and the two famed swords that Witchers carry. Geralt’s superhuman skill and incredible fighting ability would make him fit into the roster well. However – the tricky bit would be the two very different styles of The Witcher and Genshin Impact. Though, Aloy’s anime makeover was unforeseen but well received! Geralt could maybe appear as a separate story, featuring new monsters to battle, or as an NPC that could be a guide or brought into your team.

Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy is one of the biggest game series’ ever, with some very recognizable characters. One of which is Cloud Strife. The claymore user would suit this same weapon class in Genshin, and would perhaps fit an Electro element. Cloud would definitely be a member of the Knights of Favonius as well.

The constant remakes and releases of Final Fantasy titles means there is a constant source of new characters, costumes and weapons that could be capitalized on.

Monster Hunter


Another strong influence of Genshin Impact is the Monster Hunter series. Game features like optimizing your team to prepare for a huge battle to deal more damage originated from Monster Hunter games. Thankfully, unlike in MonHun, monsters in Genshin can be hit anywhere instead of in specific weak spots. Monster Hunter has its fair share of previous crossovers. From themed items in Animal Crossing, to events in games like Horizon Zero Dawn, the team are not shy of sharing their IP.

In terms of Genshin Impact crossovers, an added boss would be amazing. A giant Rathalos as a special event boss to take down, or other monsters as smaller overworld bosses, instead of characters from the series (given that you make your own protagonist).

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion already had a crossover event with Honkai Impact 3rd –  in January 2021, to celebrate Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon A Time’s theatre release, Asuka Langley was added into the game as well as Angels from the series as enemies. MiHoYo has an established connection between the two despite them being very different types of media. Certain themes allow an easy crossover between Genshin Impact and Evangelion should it happen –  travel between worlds has been shown by the twins featured in the series, so it could be easy to slot in some Neon Genesis Evangelion characters in without too much question as to how it happened within the worlds of the games.

Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer is without question the biggest anime in the world right now. It is already getting its own themed game, and it is not unheard of for animes to make collaborations with games.

Logically, the best addition to Genshin Impact would be Tanjiro Kamado, likely using Hydro elemental attacks. There are already elemental features in the techniques used in Demon Slayer – therefore bringing the two together surely wouldn’t be too hard! With Genshin‘s super success at the moment, it seems silly not to create some form of collab between these two huge names.

Arena Of Valor


Arena of Valor is another exceptionally popular game with Genshin Impact’s audience. A crossover of the two would surely please many players across the globe and give both games a chance to show off to a new fanbase. The ideal candidate for a character in Genshin would be Butterflya sword-wielding, high attack character, Butterfly’s established move set would translate well to miHoYo’s famed game.

Publisher Garena has already accepted crossovers with some huge names; most recognizably, DC. You can play as Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and more! There have also been other collaborations with Sword Art Online, Bleach, Contra and… KFC?! Whether it be Genshin characters being added to the Arena Of Valor roster or the other way around, this surely would make an interesting choice.

Honkai Impact 3


Honkai Impact 3 is a very obvious choice for an upcoming Genshin Impact crossover. Being another title produced by miHoYo, all work would be done in-house should the two games coincide again. There has already been a partnership between the two; back in July, there was an event in which Fischl and Keqing were available in Honkai Impact 3, along with a Klee costume for Theresa. It would therefore make sense to perhaps put Theresa into Genshin, maybe as another limited event. Both games are very popular, but coinciding the two again would invite more players to try the other game – spreading the popularity and gaining more fans. The Valkyries featured in Honkai Impact would fit right into Genshin’s growing roster.

With the sheer popularity of Genshin Impact and the constant updates the games receive, it is likely that Aloy will not be the only featured character crossover in miHoYo’s patches. Time will only tell if and when we see more, and who they may be.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.