Avatar: The Way of Water — How Old Are Jake Sully and Neytiri’s Kids?

Sullys stick together.

by J.R. Waugh
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Avatar: The Way of Water is the final piece of event cinema for 2022, an epic dive into James Cameron’s gorgeous world of Pandora. While the film takes place in the same continuity as the original, there feels like significantly less time dedicated to the human cast this time around as Jake Sully protects his family from the dangerous RDA. Jake and Neytiri have several kids by the time of Avatar: The Way of Water, of varying ages and personalities while playing different roles in the film. We’ve done our best to gather information on each of the children in the film.

Avatar: The Way of Water | How Old Are the Sully Kids?

Jake and Neytiri have three biological children and two adopted kids, boys, and girls, listed below from oldest to youngest:

  • Miles “Spider” Socorro — 15
  • Neteyam — 14
  • Kiri — 14
  • Lo’ak — 13*
  • Tuktirey — 8
  • Avatar-Way-of-Water-Kids-Neteyam-and-Loak
  • Avatar-Way-of-Water-Kids-Kiri
  • Avatar-Way-of-Water-Kids-Tuktirey-2
  • Avatar-Way-of-Water-Human

While it’s clear in most cases how old most characters are, there’s some guesswork here. Miles was naturally the oldest but he was still a baby when he was left behind, and thus wasn’t taken into the Sully family directly at birth. Kiri’s age relative to Neteyam is similar, but it’s uncertain which one is older, although it’d be by a few months. They would have been born just around a year after the events of the first film. Lo’ak is younger than Neteyam or Kiri, but has the trademarks of a young, angsty teen, placing him either as 13 or just barely 14.

The Sully children had fascinating if uneven roles in Avatar: The Way of Water. Kiri is a spiritual conduit, tapping into the heart of Eywa and the environment, while soul-searching and pondering on her late mother’s past. Neteyam is the golden boy of the family, serving as a mentor to Lo’ak. Spider is the truest outlier of the family, seen wholly as Na’vi yet limited by his human body. Tuktirey is still young, and thus isn’t given much focus, but is protected fiercely by her family all the same.

Lo’ak, finally, is very similar to Jake in this film, a genetic outcast due to traits like having five fingers and eyebrows as if inherited from human-driven avatars. His age is unclear, but his role in the series is touching, a bullied teen who finds refuge with a maimed whale-like tulkun named Payakan. It’s here that we see Lo’ak as the heart of the film, while Kiri is very much the soul, paralleling how Jake and Neytiri fit those roles in the first film. These are the characters who will appeal to the young, new audiences coming to see these films for the first time, and some will feature in future sequels as well.

Avatar: The Way of Water released in theaters worldwide on December 16, 2022.

- This article was updated on December 19th, 2022

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