Record of Ragnarok: Buddha Might Be Up to Something After Round 8

Perhaps bearing news of a certain dragon-slaying hero?

by J.R. Waugh
Record of Ragnarok Round 8 9 Chapter 77 Buddha
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Record of Ragnarok has concluded Round 8 as of its latest chapter. It’s been a rollercoaster of a battle, where humanity’s brightest beacon, Nikola Tesla, fought against the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub. The fight turned out to be a respectful bout between the two, with a sense of mutual respect, even admiration, between the combatants. But the battle is over now, and there are already possible leaks of what’ll happen after Round 8 in Record of Ragnarok, including hints at an appearance by Buddha, who fought in Round 6.

Fan Speculation: Is Buddha Planning Something with Brunhilde After Round 8 in Record of Ragnarok?

While it’s not seemingly officially confirmed, leaks have begun to spring and appear on Twitter and Reddit about Buddha meeting with Brunhilde in Record of Ragnarok chapter 77 after Round 8. This type of meeting would line up with how Kojiro Sasaki reappeared in Chapter 33 before Buddha defected, and Hades’ ties to Beelzebub were even teased in similar ways.

Readers should always be wary of leaks, though. The image featured in this leak is from a prior chapter where Buddha tells Brunhilde he will fight for humanity in Round 6. Fans, however, are eager to speculate regardless, especially since there is plenty to take from such a meeting.

As indicated by users on Reddit, the subject of their conversation seems to be Siegfried, Brunhilde’s love interest if directly based on his source material. While this is entirely speculation, fans have been hungry for more details on Siegfried, only seeming to be alluded to, with humanity at this point having more fighters than the Gods.

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Buddha’s part in this meeting though seems to be about his resentment toward Ragnarok, and how the peace continues to be disrupted during the event. Bringing in a ringer to end the suffering of humans for the Gods’ enjoyment would be beneficial to him. But Buddha had sent out Sakata Kintoki, another of humanity’s combatants, to investigate Siegfried, so this would make for an interesting twist. Furthermore, it could shift the chances more greatly in favor of Kintoki joining Round 9 instead of a certain Finnish sniper.

But speculation suggests perhaps Siegfried if having been found, could fight for the Gods. He has consumed and even bathed in the blood of Fafnir, giving him godlike abilities, and is descended from a chief deity. It’s not out of the realm of reason and would enhance the drama. Plus, with Buddha in the mix, it’d be no shock that a character changed sides; after all, Buddha himself did this and turned the tables for humanity.

Or Siegfried could be instrumental in just turning the competition on its head, a human like Hercules who took on the abilities of a God. Whether this means coming in as a tie-breaker or replacing one of the Einherjar, it’s merely speculation for now. But the fans would love to see him put on the page.

Will Record of Ragnarok Have Double Chapters with the Release of Chapter 77?

One leak tweet seems to suggest that it’s possible this month we might see a double chapter or the month after that. It’s plausible, as we haven’t had a month with double chapters since Chapters 70 and 71, but there was a Bonus Chapter released alongside Chapter 75, so don’t get your hopes up this month.

There seem to be lots of speculations about the origin and instigation of Ragnarok, so Siegfried coming into play would certainly make sense. But for now, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for more updates. As Buddha

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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