Why Did [Spoiler] Save [Spoiler] in Avatar: The Way of Water?

Sometimes its not so great to know who your father was.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering why Spider saved Quaritch in Avatar the Way of Water? We don’t blame you because Spider’s actions at the end of the movie will have consequences that will ripple across future sequels of the Avatar franchise. However, before discussing this, we must first understand who Spider is and his relation to Quaritch. One significant aspect of Avatar: The Way of Water was learning about Jake Sully’s family, including biological and adoptive children. One of these adoptive children is Miles “Spider” Socorro, who is revealed to be related to the franchise’s antagonist. Here are two theories on why Spider saves Quaritch in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Why Did Spider Save Quaritch in Avatar: The Way of Water?


During the final battle, Jake beats Quaritch in hand-to-hand combat after he chokes him until he passes out. After that, Jake lets Quaritch sink to the bottom of the sea. A bit later, we see Spider looking for members of his family, and he comes across Quaritch, who is revealed to be alive but almost dead. Spider carries him out of the ocean onto an island0. 0uaritch mounts his Ikran and tells Spider to come with him, but he refuses. Spider then returns to Jake and his family. The question is, why did Spider save Quaritch at the end of Avatar: The Way of Water when he was responsible for his brother Neteyam’s death and other horrific acts? We have two reasons why he did so, and they are both critical.

The first reason why Spider saved Quaritch is because of the feelings both of them have towards each other. It is shown early on that Spider is aware of who his father is and what he did. You can tell he hates his father, but some underlying feelings remain. While the Avatar version of Quaritch told Spider multiple times that he was not his father, he had all of his human memories. When Neytiri went to kill Spider during the final battle scene, Quaritch released Tuk showing that he does care about Spider. Even though Quaritch is a bastard who did horrible things, he is still Spider’s biological father, which is hard to throw away. This is reason number one why Spider saved Quaritch.

The Second reason Spider saved Quaritch is to move the plot forward and set him up as the continued antagonist in future Avatar sequels. Quaritch escapes at the end of the movie, and he will most definitely be enemy number one after causing the death of Neteyam. What do you think Quaritch will do now? Will he return to the military, or will he go rogue?

Avatar: The Way of Water is now avaiable to watch exclusively in theaters.

- This article was updated on December 18th, 2022

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