Did You Know Destiny 2 Has a Secret Exotic Vendor in the Tower?

Many players do not know about this vendor, but there is a good reason for it.

by Carlos Hurtado


A recent discovery has surprised all of the Destiny 2 community. Turns out that in a well-known place at the Bazar near Ikora and Hawthorne. There is a secret that only a handful of players in the whole community have gotten to know.

Destiny 2 launched in 2017, and since then, Bungie has released a bunch of DLCs, community events, and much more. Right now, the game has over 60 thousand players on its servers, and the game has an 84/100 on Metacritic, something that many triple-A titles fail to get. The game is constantly getting community events, and two months ago, it received one of the largest updates in a while called The Witch Queen. A DLC that re-worked all the Void classes.

Back in May, a Youtube channel called Zavalr revealed an interesting fact about a spot on the Tower at the Bazar close to Ikora and Hawthorne. A lonely corner at the Tower at the Bazar has more meaning than many players would think. Turns out that at this corner, there is a secret vendor that only a handful of players can get access to. Yuna is an exotics vendor for the Mugunghwa Legion, where she offers a rotating inventory of exotic weapons. This vendor is exclusive to some Asian servers, specifically in South Korea, but that is not it. This vendor will only show up if you are in a gaming or E cafe; the vendor also lets players try exotics for a limited amount of time.


Many players are not aware of this vendor, and the ones who do, do not think about how rare it is. Some players think Bungie should add this vendor to the regular build of Destiny 2 and bring some life to this area. Some players believe this vendor is not entirely exclusive to the Asian servers; some of them think they have seen the vendor while playing on the Australian and New Zealand servers.

All in all, this is another interesting fact about the title. The community has shown a lot of interest in this vendor, and some players want to include them in the game; the vendor has its advantages, and including it in the main build could add some value to the experience.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia. For more information regarding the title, go to the official Destiny 2 Twitter page.

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