GTA 6 Could Be Set in Manhunt’s Carcer City, Vice City, and More Based on New Leak

New information about GTA 6 has been released, and everything looks promising.

by Carlos Hurtado


A recent story has revealed some unheard details about Rockstar Games’ new title. Since the rerelease of GTA V in the next-gen console market, many players have been wondering what’s next in the GTA franchise.

Grand Theft Auto V launched in 2013, and since then, it has been re-released on many consoles. Getting tons of updates, content additions, and much more. It has been almost ten years since the title was released, and many players are wondering about when they will get to play and enjoy a new GTA title. Even though the highly regarded title has over 80 thousand players on weekends, the community is asking for a new sequel.

A few days ago, the official Xfire website published an article detailing some new information regarding Rockstar Games’ new title. According to the newly released article, one of GTA 6’s settings could be a familiar place to old-school Rockstar Games fans. One of the few GTA 6’s settings will be Carcer City, as well as Cuba, Colombia, and the Miami-inspired Vice City. Old-school Rockstar Games fans would remember Carcer City as the main setting in the highly controversial Manhunt game. The game released in 2003, was the focus of many organizations concerned with the violence and gore in the title, getting banned in countries like Italy, Australia, and Ireland.


Besides the setting, the article gives a few details about the game’s plot and characters. GTA 6‘s prologue will be in Brazil, and it will feature the two main characters in the game. Both characters will be twin siblings, and they will be separated after a tragic event happens in their lives.

The male sibling will be part of the DOA (a parody two the DEA), and its sister will take the criminal route while seeking revenge as she climbs the ranks in the organization that killed their loved ones. Both characters will find each other again the hard way, so players will likely face their counterparts at some point in the game’s campaign.

The setting and plot sound amazing, to say the least; players are used to locations in the US, so including some portions of the game in foreign countries could bring some novelty into the game. The game’s plot will allow players to see both sides of the same coin. GTA V had players control several characters, but all were on the same team; having these two characters on opposite sides of the law will give the game a new perspective.

GTA 6 does not have a release date.

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