How to Fix ‘Stuck on Checking for Updates’ on Discord

Check out how to fix Discord's Stuck on Checking for Updates error

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Discord is currently one of the most used applications in the world, thanks to the fact that it allows easy communication between people from all over the globe. But all apps are bound to have a few issues, and Discord is not an exception, with its ‘Checking for Updates’ error being one of the most common. With that said, here’s how to fix Discord’s‘ Stuck on Checking for Updates’ error.

What Causes the Issue?

The ‘Checking for Updates’ error can occur when the application is unable to download or install the needed resources, and thus cannot boot properly. With that said, this problem can be caused by a wide array of things such as a problem with your internet connection, the lack of administrator privileges, a corruption of the app’s files, or even a problem on Discord’s servers, among others.

How to Fix  the ‘Checking for Updates’ error on Discord

As there are many causes for the problem, there are also many ways to solve it, which can vary from case to case. With that said, you can fix the error by either restarting your System, running the application as an administrator, clearing the application’s cache folder, enabling the application through your Firewall and antivirus, or, as a last resort, reinstalling the app altogether. As we said above, there is no guarantee which method will solve the issue for you, so we recommend that you try them one by one.

Is also important to point out that, before trying any of the methods, we recommend that you check out Discord’s status as well as check if there are any problems with your Internet connection. You can check out the current status of Discord here.

To recap, here are a few ways to solve Discord’s ‘Checking for Updates’ error:

  • Restart your System.
  • Run the application as an administrator. 
  • Clear the Discord Cache folder.
  • Enable Discord on through your Firewall and Antivirus (Only recommended after trying all the fixes above).
  • Delete and reinstall the application (Last Resort).

Discord is currently available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac IOS, Linux, iPad iOS, and Web Browsers.

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