It Takes 5 Years to Unlock Every Kiriko Cosmetic in Overwatch 2

The Effort It Takes for Kiriko’s Duds

by Weilong Mao


Considering the current speed at which in-game currency is earned, even getting every cosmetic for Kiriko in Overwatch 2 will prove a time-consuming task. The Hero shooter since its launch on October 4 has attracted its share of attention from returning players, and people interested in the promises made years ago by the Blizzard development team regarding the inclusion of a PvE story-based mode. The same can be said to some extent for the new characters that the game has introduced since its beta stage, as new heroes are the selling point of this character-based game.

Kiriko, despite being the newest hero to arrive in Overwatch 2 has attracted a fair share of interest from those that prefer a more mobile supporting playstyle, combining debuff cleanses, healing and precision kunai throws. She is likely a welcome addition for support-main players looking for more diversity in their hero pools, Blizzard seems happy to provide some starting aid to clothing options, judging by their skin giveaways on Twitch.

Putting aside the potential grind required for obtaining her, for people not looking to watch streams on Twitch. Getting cosmetics for the character might prove more difficult than they’d imagine. As a recent Overwatch 2, subreddit post has tallied the amount of currency that’s required for unlocking every Kiriko cosmetic, and it takes 15600 coins, which is the equivalent of 5 years in terms of work.

Overwatch 2 having gotten rid of the prior loot box system has either placed cosmetic rewards into the battle pass, via directly priced bundles or from the player providing a sufficient amount of exchange currency. The currency, aside from being purchasable with real money, is earned via daily or weekly challenges in the game. Meaning that the amount of coins that can be obtained per week is limited and finite.

Kiriko being a new character means that she has few cosmetics in the first place, the fact that it could take up to 5 years worth of grinding to obtain all her current skins and accessories casts a somewhat concerning cloud as to how friendly the game is towards free to play players in terms of feeling rewarded for their time spent in the game or those with the interest of collecting every possible unlockable for the heroes they are partial to.

The slow speed at which a hero skin can be obtained in-game is compounded by the lack of any progression-based rewards in the game except in the instance where the user has purchased the premium battle pass, where unlocks aren’t restricted to free level-up rewards.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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