MultiVersus Hitbox Overhaul Will Change Finn’s Backback and Other Broken Moves

MultiVersus players will be getting a few changes soon.

by Carlos Hurtado


It looks like there will be a few Hitbox changes on MultiVersus shortly. MultiVersus’ fans have been sharing their experiences regarding Finn’s movement, and the game’s Director has been very vocal about the upcoming changes they are planning for the game.

MultiVersus’ open beta was released a few weeks ago, and the game has been a success ever since. At the time of its release, the game had over 100 thousand players on its servers on Steam. Placing itself as one of the games on Steam with most players, among other titles like Elden Ring, Warframe, and even Dead by Daylight. Players have been having minor issues regarding the game’s balancing since the start, but developers have been fixing said issues, and so far, the game’s future looks bright.

A few days ago, Tony Huynh, MultiVersus’ Game Director, made a tweet regarding some upcoming changes to one of the game’s systems. According to the tweet, the developers are working on a big overhaul of their hitbox/hurtbox system. This tweet was a response to a player that complained about Finn’s movement priorities and how it is making it hard to counter when using a character like Iron Giant. The developers are looking at Finn in sections, something necessary with an overhaul like this as they do not want to have too many moving parts on their characters.

This will help players counter Finn once the overhaul is live, balancing the current meta and allowing players to win the matches they deserve. MultiVersus open beta has been live for a while, and even though it launched with its set of issues, the developers have managed to fix and solve all the problems that many players have faced in this open beta.

The game’s director has been very open and vocal about the upcoming changes, and besides that, he is not afraid to reply to fans of the game on Twitter and Reddit. Sharing and listening to the problems the community has been experiencing.

Many players are still learning the game, and many more barely getting to know their first characters, and by all the feedback the community has been sharing. MultiVersus looks like it’s here to stay.

MultiVersus is available now on Open Beta on PC, Ps4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. If you are struggling to get your first wins, make sure you go to any of our MultiVersus guides and we will show you everything you need to start winning.

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