Overwatch 1 Is Officially Gone, and Fans Are Mourning

Overwatch fans will not be able to go back and relive all the fun memories they had after today.

by Carlos Hurtado


Overwatch is officially gone, and players worldwide are sad about the fact they will not be able to keep playing the title that has enticed hundreds of thousands of players with its events, game modes, and esports scene. So far, fans of the game have been sharing their opinions on the matter. A meaningful size of the community is still surprised about letting go of the title that until a few days earlier was being played by the thousands.

Players are having mixed reactions about not being able to enjoy the title anymore. Many fans are excited about the new changes and additions that Overwatch 2 will bring to the table, but some fans still remember all the good times they had in the past couple of years. There is a sense of sadness in the air when players go to the Overwatch 2 subreddit and the multiple Twitter threads in which players are still commenting.

Many players are hoping all the new changes that will come with Overwatch 2 will be for the better. Some players are worried about it and hope this next title is at least as good as the previous one. Many fans of the Blizzard title did not get to play their last matches before the servers shut down and now all they can do is wait until Overwatch 2 goes live on October 4.

Overwatch launched in 2016, and until now, players worldwide had fun with its incredible selection of characters, maps, and game modes. The title developed by Blizzard Entertainment captivated hundreds of thousands of players, and not too long after its release, it spawned its esports scene. Now players will have to wait until Overwatch 2 launches to keep having fun with their favorite characters and all the new additions that will come on October 4.

Overwatch 2 will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch. For more information about the game, go to the official Overwatch Twitter page.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2022

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