Stray Has Higher Steam User Reviews Than Elden Ring

Stray has something that Elden Ring could not get

by Carlos Hurtado


Stray came out a couple of days ago, and its Steam reviews could not be any better. Many players did not think a game with a setting and character like this would get any attention, but the title made by BlueTwelve Studio has been getting all the praise it deserves.

Stray came out on July 19th, and it has set some new ground for Annapurna Interactive. The title has around 40 thousand active players, and many players are still getting their feet wet on the promising title from the company that also brought games like Twelve Minutes, Outer Wilds, and Neon White. No one thought that a game where you play as a stray cat on a neon-like cybercity would gather so many players just days after its release.

If you go to Stray’s Steam page and look over the game’s reviews, you can easily see the overwhelming number of positive reviews the game is getting. In two days, Stray has gathered more than 21 thousand positive reviews on Steam, and they seem to be growing. At the time of writing this, Of all 23 thousand reviews, only around 500 of them seem to be negative.; something truly remarkable for a title that’s been on the market for only two days. The game has so many positive reviews that it has surpassed Elden Ring when it comes to positive reviews. When going to Stray’s reviews the overall review summary is Overwhelmingly positive. It turns out that this happens when 95% to 99% of all reviews are positive.


This is great news for Stray‘s developers. Many studios fail to make a good port on PC when launching the game on multiple platforms. The game’s reviews go from silly jokes to players describing how much they enjoyed playing as a cat and how beautiful the game’s graphics and settings are. According to some reviewers, this is the perfect game to play if you love cats or if you wonder how difficult could life be for a cat in a dystopian setting.

Stray’s future looks promising to say the least. Many players are still thinking about buying the game and many of these reviews could persuade some players to make the final choice to purchase and enjoy the game. Many players are already claiming this will be the game of the year, but we will see how the game performs in the following weeks and months.

If you have not tried Stray yet, make sure to read our Stray review and click on any of our guides if you are having some trouble with your playthrough.

Stray is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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