The Best MultiVersus Mods Add Saul Goodman, Homelander, Cell, and More to the Game

The internet is a wonderful, if sometimes cursed place, and you should be able to roam it as a ballin' Cell.

by J.R. Waugh


MultiVersus is a massive hit across all platforms, which is no shock given its approachable gameplay and iconic playable characters from various WB properties.  While this means some franchises won’t be cut by default, it’s still an enormous pool from which many future fights could be drawn.  This hasn’t stopped the fun for the modding community, who have been trying out characters they wish were playable or outright going for the memes with some of the character skins they’ve added.  Read on for more info!

The Best MultiVersus Mods Add Saul Goodman, Homelander, Cell, and More to the Game


While these aren’t entirely new characters with different movesets, players on Steam might get a kick out of reskinning their Shaggy to resemble Saul Goodman, or The Boys’ Homelander over Superman, or, amusingly, have a baller Cell from Dragon Ball over LeBron James.  Heck, if you want to play into the increasing meme presence of Metal Gear Rising, you can play as Raiden thanks to a new Arya Stark skin mod.  The possibilities are endless because the internet is strange and wonderful.

There are numerous other skins as well, found on GameBanana’s website, such as Kiryu, Pepsiman, Groot, and even some entertainingly strange choices like YouTuber Cr1TiKaL, to which you can probably already hear him responding, “c’mon guys, why’d you make me the coward, that’s cringe.”  But one conspicuous absence makes for this to feel less like a truly meme-worthy mod – there’s an utter lack of Thomas the Tank Engine, which is unforgivable.  It should be done already, we’re just saying.

This concludes our coverage of the MultiVersus mods!  Who would you like to see added to the fighters’ roster, either as a serious choice or as a joke?  Chances are, as you thought of it, the mod was added, so be sure to check them out.

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